Multiple Fatalities, Alternate Costumes Revealed for Mortal Kombat X

We wish he had a paper bag we could hyperventilate into, because Netherrealm Studios is simply pelting us with huge reveals today.

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ValKilmer1330d ago

Oh my god, this is incredible. Sometimes I wouldn't play as a certain character because I hated their fatality, but this gives a lot more versatility.

Septic1329d ago

The games always had more than one fatality though. Same with MK9

ZombieKiller1329d ago

I can't thank WB games enough for saving these guys. Mortal Kombat has always been an absolute favorite of mine and to see them fall was devastating as a fan.

Then they come back 10X with MK9 and now this!

Seriously, between Arkham, Shadow of Mordor, Dying Light and MK WB games is a MONSTER! I hope they keep releasing really good games and that series like this forever live on thanks to people and companies like them.

Damn MKX is a day one for me. This game looks amazing. A new "-ality" is right around the corner too! They aren't talking about a new fatality. They mean Brutality, Animality, babality etc. Gaming journalism fails again! They revealed that last night and also said we have been actually seeing some of the alternate costumes in the stream. AWESOME!

Tedakin1329d ago

Um.... characters have had multiple fatalities since MK2.... and they've had multiple costumes since MK Deadly Alliance...........

WeirdShroom1329d ago

I really like that COD finally added sprinting and kill straks this year too.