Best Weapon in Dying Light

The korek machete is possible one of the best weapon in the game it does over 500 damage and can be upgraded to do over 600 damage the only drawback from this weapon is that it doesnt last very long.

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JMaine5181413d ago

Wow that thing is a beast!

PFFT1413d ago

It is a an amazing Weapon.And as i says the only bad thing is that it doesnt last long.

hduce1413d ago

Definitely have to get that weapon. I know understand the importance of the throwing stars.

Fasttrack761412d ago

I know where im going later now. Thx

Kryptonite42O1412d ago

Will be getting this later tonight.

My only complaint with the game - weapon durability.
I like it, and realize there are skills that you can obtain to increase durability and also one for repairing weapons, but it feels like most weapons are useless after fighting 3-4 zombies... its just a bit too extreme.

Besides that, great game so far.

darcy1011410d ago

If your playing the pc version it's just a simple mod to the default_levels.xml file to fix it so that weapons do not lose their durability. The complete how-to is located on Just google it. They won't allow me to post the link to the exact page but I'm sure you won't have any problem finding it. I google "dying light best weapons" and scrolled down and there it was with the heading "Dying Light weapon decay getting you down? Mod it! Hope this helps!

Kryptonite42O1410d ago

kinda kicking myself. I don't have the pc version. Thanks for the info anyway though man.

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