PS3 Tales game appears, then disappears, on Namco site

PS3 Fanboy write: The official Japanese portal for the Tales series of games was recently updated with the newly announced DS and PSP Tales games. The site allows navigation by platform, and for a brief moment, PS3 was an available option. Since then, the site has been updated and PS3 can no longer be seen.

This isn't the first time Namco Bandai has teased (accidentally, or not) a PS3 Tales game. Recently, Famitsu has reported that PS3 will receive some kind of Tales game. But will it be a port of the currently 360-exclusive Tales of Vesperia game ... or will it be something different altogether?

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joemayo763696d ago

hmmm heres hopin we PS3 users get Tales of Vesperia as its a solid series. Although i may jus have to pick it up on 360 if its gunna be released on PS3 like while later. If it eventually does come to the PS3 i may get that version as well if comes with extras :)

[email protected]3696d ago

Interesting... just as happen with the OOOPPPPSSS Eternal Sonata on PS3 on the Namco/Bandai US site. Typical but its coming.

Lucreto3696d ago

I hope we get Verperia AND a new Tales game.

wingway3696d ago

i hope it is real and not some cruel joke cause i would love to see a tales game soon