5 Things Lord of the Rings Online does better than WoW

There are eleven million people playing World of Warcraft. And with good reason. It is an extremely polished, fun game with stagering amounts of content. But is it the greatest MMO of all time? Here are five things Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar does better than its Goliath competitor

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Sevenfeetunder3666d ago

Which is why I play LOTRO instead of WOW.

Sprud3665d ago

"Now if only Lotro offered raids of the same quality as WoW, but that’s another article…"

Which is why I play WoW instead of any other MMORPG.

Gadget733665d ago

I play both and find WoW to be an excellent game. But LOTRO has done some things so much better. And I am not even a hardcore LotR fan. In fact, I find the book pretty 'meh'.

But the game... Awesome.