CD Projekt Explains Why Latest The Witcher III Trailer Isn't As Impressive As The First One

Polish developer CD Projekt explains exactly why The Witcher III looked worse in the VGA trailer than in the first one.

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kaiserfranz1334d ago

Well it's true but only to an extent. I hope that the PC Ultra setting will be really close to what I saw in Swords of Destiny trailer...

Aurenar1334d ago

I agree. I want that quality (in Ultra Setting).

Alexious1334d ago

Are you ready to go NVIDIA? Because you'll need it for HairWorks.

That fur looks so great!

BC_Master_Haze1334d ago

Is that the same Hairworks in Far Cry 4?

stragomccloud1333d ago

Apparently hairworks isn't tied to cudacores(physx) and is instead tied to the DirectX11 API, so should be possible to play on AMD cards lest NVidia actually prevent it from happening.

starchild1334d ago

I don't know, the recent gameplay footage looked just as good to me as any of the previous trailers. It looks incredible and has a scale and density that most games don't even approach.

Festano1334d ago

Surely with the settings to the maximum will be better.

Forn1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

I can't believe people are going to nitpick something like this especially considering the scope and scale of the game as well as that the new footage looks basically almost as detailed as the last. The Witcher 3 is going to be freakin' amazing to say the least. Kind of sickens me that "gamers" are getting like this these days. I personally can't wait to experience the amazing visuals, deep story and epic endless gameplay.

Alexious1334d ago

I do agree that the whole downgrade debate is a bit exaggerated, though it would be very simple for developers to avoid it.

Just write "development in progress, elements may change" at the end of each trailer.

Forn1334d ago (Edited 1334d ago )

That too. I also think devs should just be quiet about the final resolution and framerate of their games before they release. Let the games speak for themselves and let Digital Foundry just expose that side of it.

BitbyDeath1334d ago

That's the problem with dynamic lighting.
GTAV did it right by controlling the lighting for the story whilst keeping it dynamic at the same time.

ArchangelMike1334d ago

I sunk hundreds and hundreds of hours into Skyrim. At the time it was the most beautiful game I'd ever played. Playing Skyrim now though and I'm like... the characters all looks so wooden...

point is this.. graphical fideltiy is a fleeting miwtress!

kaiserfranz1333d ago

Well, there are graphic mods which enhance it greatly. But I understand what you mean, ultimately it's all about gameplay.

Irishguy951333d ago

Madness, I thought SKyrim looked below average at the time. It was okay because it was open world and all that, the graphics were never good though...imo, nice art style though

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The story is too old to be commented.