Telltale-like Adventure Game 'Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect' is Now Available

TouchArcade: It's kind of fascinating how Telltale's massive turn with the release of The Walking Dead [Free] has changed the adventure game ecosystem. Telltale's telltale (HA HA!) marks on the genre are incredible evident as adventure games have shifted to being more cinematic experiences and less centralized around hunting for and combining weird items to get to the next part of the game. If you've played one modern Telltale game, you know how the rest are going to play, with that feel always seemingly like a Telltale trademark quality, almost. This makes things weird (in a good way) when other developers make things like Telltale games who aren't Telltale, such as the recently released Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect [$1.99] by Orpheus Interactive Inc.

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