Dying Light Glitch Leads to a Super Mario Bros. Easter Egg

Junkie Monkeys: A map glitch on Dying Light will resurrect players in familiar place.

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kmeck5181175d ago

I don't think you can call this a glitch if it's built into the game...

Treezy5041175d ago

Never said that this was a glitch, I said a map glitch will resurrect players in the game. The article continues with "Videos of gamers falling through the map on Dying Light are starting to surface online. Once the glitch ends, players are resurrected in a Super Mario Bros. type of setting! Check out an example below."

kmeck5181172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

The title of the article is: "Dying Light Glitch Leads to a Super Mario Bros. Easter Egg"

The video you have does not show the player falling through anything. It looks like there is a pipe in the chimey that you can enter the Super Mario level. This in no way looks like it is a glitch. Maybe you should have linked one of the videos of someone falling through the map instead of entering through the pipe.

Stapleface1175d ago

Ha! That's a nice easter egg. Interactive and useful.

duger1175d ago

Wow! that's cool! are there any other secret levels?