Cosmic Star Heroine Could Take Up To 20 Hours To Complete

Zeboyd Games has discussed the progress that has been made recently on sci-fi RPG Cosmic Star Heroine in a January update.

First off, there are two new screenshots. The one above shows the main characters walking across a steel bridge. The screenshot below shows Alyssa’s quarters at the Agency of Peace & Intelligence.

Secondly, Zeboyd reckons that the game will take about 10-14 hours to complete, with an additional 3-6 hours added to that if you were to take on the major side-quests. And that’s not including New Game+, of course.

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SaveFerris1266d ago

Been looking forward to this since I heard about the kickstarter.

Blues Cowboy1266d ago

Brill. Sounds about right TBH, Zeboyd always trims out grind and streamlines smartly, while making combat a satisfying puzzle rather than stodge.

I wish that Robert Boyd had been able to collaborate on Citizens Of Earth. Feel like Eden just lacked the experience and confidence to cut back on the amount of busywork and bumf.

DivoJones1266d ago

Seems like an ambiguous article title. Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes could also take upto 3 hours to complete.. or 15 minutes.