Fall Brings Battle Fantasia To North America

Kotaku's Mike Fahey writes: "Arc System Works' latest fantasy fighting game is coming to the Xbox 360 this Fall courtesy of Aksys Games, the publisher that would have a much more interesting name if you just switched two letters."

Interestingly, there is no mention of a NA PS3 version.

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lonestarmt3610d ago

SIGH there will be a ps3 release in NA

[email protected]3610d ago

Look like if the PS3 version don't receive a announce soon... I'm going to be obligate to import the game geeezzzz... lazy Aksys bring my PS3 version to US, please pretty please.

tomadonxl3609d ago

do not import this game I've played it and it sucks. This game is slow and not very fun. Don't waste your money.