Evolve’s Class System Will Either Make Or Break The Game

The 12 Hunters – divided into four classes of three – provide 81 different combinations, the success of which hinges on the ability and creativity of the players. A brilliant, well-oiled team will have no trouble in tracking down and slaughtering the poor monster, with tactics so varied and so clever that even Turtle Rock hasn’t figured them out yet.

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joel_c171082d ago

Evolves dlc plan broke the game

Immorals1082d ago

Really enjoyed the beta. Will pick this up when it inevitably goes on sale

SonyOnly41082d ago

This game sucks anyhow avoid it like the plague it is not worth$60 it is half a game.

EvilWay1082d ago

I don't know about half a game. I know I am not alone to think that multiplayer is more important in most games because it increases longevity. You can't play the same single player campaign 10 times.

I am going to guess you didn't play the game because it is extremely fun

JeffGUNZ1082d ago

I played it and it was so dull. Sure, some ok moments, but the repetitive feel of the game was overwhelming. It's really not THAT fun to warrant playing for any significant period of time.

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The story is too old to be commented.