Ghostbusters : exclusive gameplay video from Yahoo Games

William B. from french website Playlipse writes:

"Would you take again some ectoplasm? Our confrères of Yahoo Games offer us today the possibility to discover some new gameplay phases of the well expected Ghostbusters from Vivendi Universal Games and Terminal Reality.

The opportunity to discover a marshmallow bibendum in its best shape in the streets of New Yort City ! Hope for a new trailer for this game expected for the end of the year on all consoles."

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ry-guy3543d ago

The video is nothing exclusive.

I've seen all that gameplay all ready.

I'm wondering what the big Ghostbusters announcement is at the ComicCon in San Diego...

ThatArtGuy3543d ago

Rick Moranis' wife passed away during the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" movies and he retired to take care of his kids. After not doing films for awhile, he didn't miss it and stayed out of the spotlight.

I read that from a recent interview with him. He's working on comedy albums now.

ry-guy3543d ago

Yup it is a shame that no one can grasp that he's a good guy who decides to focus on family rather than being in the spotlight.

My respect for him went through the roof when I read the real reasons. Not the crap that Kotaku and others keep repeating over and over.