Why Buying Amiibos Might Be A Bad Idea - Blog

Tyler Hodgkinson from GameFocus has been playing with his toys recently. I am referring to those very popular Amiibo NFC figurines from Nintendo. In this short blog, he expresses his thoughts while trying to answer the very fundamental question What is so special about these figurines?

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DivineAssault 1176d ago

I kinda agree that it MIGHT be a bad idea.. The NEW 3DS will have NFC built right in, so only time will tell if its a waste because if theres no good sonic, pacman, & (highly doubtful) that a NEW mega man will use them properly...

I will be upset if they will only be used for SSB.. Im not too fond of that idea.. Im hoping there will be many games that actually use em for wii u & 3DS because i havent even opened any of mine yet.. I dont want em for SSB.. Im actually looking forward to the new Fire Emblem game to see what they do besides add in that character.. Its a good idea but i have a bad feeling it will only be used for pokemon to the fullest..

You never know though.. Maybe some DLC will add support & some more games like a new Kid Icarus, Mega Man remake, & a good sonic game will come around..