Wii U Basic finally goes under £100, and with it goes your last excuse to not get one

Dealspwn: "Tesco are doing the Wii U 8GB Basic package for just £99 right now! That means you should probably get one. If you love games, you'll get one."

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Neonridr1414d ago

Wow.. steal and a half there.

Magicite1414d ago

Whats the difference between basic and premium?

jcnba281414d ago

Basic only comes in white with 8gb hard drive.

Premium only comes in black with 32gb hard drive.

kwandar1414d ago

I think premium also comes with charging stand, but the fact is the extra memory is of no real value. Just get a 2 terabyte HD for $50.

DivoJones1414d ago

Gee it's been what.. 1 day since the last "here another reason you should own a Wii U" article. Not getting old at all. Here's a reason not to: The graphics are last-gen, and the only company making games for it is Nintendo themselves.

Neonridr1414d ago

which means that the games releasing are better than like 95% of the games releasing on the PS4 or XB1. Go troll elsewhere..

TheTwelve1414d ago

I need such a deal in USA

Snookies121414d ago

Yeah, if we had an equivalent deal here in the US, I'd hop right on it...

nowitzki20041414d ago

I might get 2 for that price. Got 3 kids.

InTheZoneAC1414d ago

so you can't spend $200 on a wii u, but you can spend $150?

you either get one or you don't, no reason to wait for one now, why not wait for 3 more years and get them for $50?

higgins781414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Its true. When I bought my Wii U - a couple months after launch - I paid £200. When I picked up my PS4 at launch I played roughly £450 - it included a game I didn't want, forced upon me. I would argue that the Wii U was worth the price at launch as much as I would today. What you are paying for is a dedicated games machine with a plethora of incredible exclusives and the odd wonderful left field title...not to mention the eShop and FREE online.

TheTwelve1413d ago

Um, please link me to where a WiiU costs $200??

pcz1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

what happens when you set it up and it downloads/installs files, will it take up all the memory? i want the premium wiiu

8gb is pathetic

Yodagamer1414d ago

You can get a 32 gb memory stick is under $20 or even a 64 for under $30. For less than the price difference you can get double the memory of the premium wii u.

Evil-Gouki1414d ago

External HDD is supported.

darthv721414d ago

indeed. It isnt like you need to go out and get 1TB of drive space. Hell, i have a 350gb that was not being used for anything that i plugged into the wiiu.

Seeing as retail games are played from the disc, the hdd space is for demos and dlc and digital games.

iplay1up21414d ago

I bought a passport 1TB HD for $59, I connected it with a Y cable, and it works perfect. Even if you had a 32GB HD you would still need another HD at some point in time, like me. So really its no big deal.

Nerdmaster1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Even premium's 32GB is too low. That's why I use an external HDD (with an Y cable).

FuzzyPixels1414d ago

^This. Bayonetta 2 alone pretty much fills that up.

Summons751414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

because External HDDs aren't available at nearly every store and for super cheap.... I'd rather play less for the console with a small hdd and just plug in one of the many spare tb externals I have laying around. Heck, I saw a 1tb for 50 bucks in the store and 2tb on sale for 60.

Dubaman1414d ago

Not so small when you're not forced to install upto 50GB when ever you buy a physical game.

pcz1414d ago

yeh, its one reason why the wiiu is not a attractive product. why should i have to buy a hard drive? it should come with a reasonable amount of memory. 8gb is so pitiful its almost sarcastic.

so sure, its £99 in the sale, but i will have to buy a £50 hard drive just to make it a practical prospect. im guessing you get no games, other than nintendoland (which goes straight in the bin,) so again, thats another £30-45 for a decent game to go with it.

all of a sudden its not looking such a bargain.

i also prefer the black model, just the way it looks is better.

Dubaman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


You shouldn't have to buy a hard drive and you don't have to. Most downloadable games are only a couple hundred meg and i doubt any family or dedicated gamer, would choose downloading retail games over the physical copy. Especially when the price is usually in favour of the physical copy to begin with.

If you do go down the download only route though then of course you're going to need to buy a hard drive, regardless if you're playing on a WiiU, PS4 or XOne. You really think a 500GB hard drive is going to be enough for a gamer using a PS4 or Xone and is going down the download only route? No..its not. People are already complaining about lack of space on those systems and are being forced to replace them 1TB HHDs. Which will soon become full again.

Fact is, the downloading of Nintendo retail games are minuscule when compared to PS4 or Xones; ignoring the fact you also need to install actual physical discs to the hard drive BEFORE you can actually play them. The Wind Waker HD takes up around 1.7GB as a download...that's it.

I have a 320GB usb HDD i got for about £25 a few years back. Using a Y-Bus it works perfectly and stores everything i need while leaving my system memory for storing updates, patches, etc. All said, i have around 60 games on my WiiU and about 80% free space on both of my system HDD and USB HDD. How many PS4 or XOne users can say the same thing without having to have spent a fortune on high capacity HDD's.

So basically, you get a £99 WiiU, a 500GB USB HDD at a push for about £40, and games start from about £7 on Amazon Shop around and you'll be amazed.

So i have more games than any PS4 or XOne owner has. I have less HDD space than any PS4 or XOne has (320 + 32), yet i also have more free HDD space than any PS4 or XOne owner has. The big difference is im not even thinking about replacing my HDD any time soon. Though if i need to i also have an 1TB USB HDD i use for backups on my PC.

So....what's making the WiiU an unattractive product again?
Seems likes its misinformed people to me.

Also, go to Decal Girl and get whatever design you want. I've used them a few times and my WiiU sit's proudly in red with Bender's face glaring back at me.

pcz1414d ago

thanks for the in depth reply..

''Using a Y-Bus it works perfectly and stores everything i need while leaving my system memory for storing updates, patches, etc.''

this is what im referring to, the space taken up by updates etc. i remember hearing when the wiiu first came out, people who had the 8gb version found that after downloading the mandatory updates, they were left with practically no memory.

im not a big fan of digital downloads, i dont think i will download any games, i think the only things i would download are things like the download content for mario kart.

LOL_WUT1414d ago

Not everyone wanted what the Wii U offered at that time and certainly the price point didn't help either ;)

kwandar1414d ago

If it weren't for the stand, knowing what I know now I'd buy the 8Gb and a 2 Tera hard drive.

It is a no brainer.

The 32Gb I have now has 32GB (other than some minor system stuff) sitting empty.

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Hoffmann1414d ago

Would buy one for 99 Euro maybe.

Fixay1414d ago

out of stock in a matter of minutes. Would have picked a second one up for that price

Toiletsteak1414d ago

Always makes me think they never really had any at that price when they are out of stock, i always see stuff that is cheap but always out of stock even when the deal just started.

caseh1414d ago

Same story as PS Vita mate, deals like this get listed on hotukdeals and people rape and pillage stock to make money from it.

Within an hour of the Vita deals being made public knowledge, all 3 of the major stores in my area were cleared out.

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