Xenoblade Chronicles X Is Making Me Forget About Mechs

GeekParty writes: "I can’t wait to play Xenoblade Chronicles X, a game that allows you to explore a stunning open world while inside a large humanoid robot. The robots — which the game calls dolls — are everything you could ever want a mech to be. They’re beautifully designed. They have powerful combat abilities. They can even turn into motorcycles."

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Drithe1270d ago

Cant wait for this game!

WizzroSupreme1269d ago

Don't know, the mechs haven't surfaced in months, but I'm pumped about the chance to fly one of those things, personally.

LightDiego1269d ago

This game will be awesome, mechs with giant creatures, another great exclusive for Wii U.

Godmars2901269d ago

Still looking/hoping for a mech game where they don't boil down to fan-service.

jholden32491269d ago

Look no further. I do believe you just found it.

Godmars2901269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

There's a strategic Gundam title that lets you play units from all shows/eras and lets you customize paint schemes and the like?

That's one of the most extreme examples I'd like to see to see but likely never will.