Sony messed up, so what writes:"A user sent me the following to post. It basically argues that why people made the firmware 2.4 bug a big deal and how its happened to Microsoft with their Dashboard update.

"Should we trust Sony with their next Firmware update? Presumebly it will be firmware 2.41 that will be released next just to reasure Playstation 3 owners they havent got a dodgy firmware.

I'm sure Sony will be careful next time, just as careful as they should have been when they released 2.4 and then took it offline due to reports saying that it 'bricked' their PS3. The majority of people upgraded to 2.4 with no problems at all and are happily trophy hunting.

I think we can trust Sony because Microsoft, Nintendo and now Sony have screwed up when updating their systems. Remember when Microsoft updated the Dashboard and it screwed poeples 360's, producing lag etc. The effect was very minimal and people have a go at Sony for a quick bug that is most likely fixed."

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360degrees3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

are you serious? You can forgive almost instantly when Sony has a Foul up? ....You shouldnt be so lacksidasical......Wether you prefer PS3 or XBOX360 it should be almost like your duty(if you actually purchased the console) to write and complain if you are having ANY ISSUES, as to ensure that next time there are no embarrassments like the current 2.40 Fiasco

Obama3662d ago

hmmm yeah i agree that one should speak out and complain about any issues with his/her console. But why is the widespread rrod problem hasn't been fixed yet? May be 360 owners should complain more too?

Pornlord3662d ago

They are taking care of the problem. The point of the Article was that people are making a big deal over this snafu when all the other companies have already done it. Nobody is saying the victims of this mistake shouldn't be compensated, they are saying that everyone else should shut up and enjoy the gaming.

360degrees3662d ago

there have been numerous and I do mean NUMEROUS complaints to Microsoft over any rare XBOX360 issues and they have responded with extended warranties, great customer support, and New Chipsets, heatsinks, etc to fix the problem..

...but that is off my original point...I was just stating that it is not alright to be lacksidasical and merely say something so ludacris as "Sony messed up, so what"

Pornlord3662d ago

I see your point, if all you read was the title, it is a bit harsh on that point. But in reading the article, he makes a fair point.

matchgrade3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Sony messed up with 2.40, people complained, Sony got the message and is fixing it. That's where it should have ended. Instead, we've got thousands of ppl blowing the situation out of proportion, taking this one minor foul up and spinning it into claims about Sony having poor quality control, the ps3 becoming a vehicle for AIDS, and the imminent fall of Western civilized society to chinese communism.

No. That's not how it works. If a company screws up, all the consumers need to do is let the company know. It's not your JOB to b!tch and moan online about everything single thing that happens. Sony and Microsoft don't pay you for it, and frankly it doesn't do the rest of us any good.

The FW 2.4 screwup is a relatively trivial matter. It'll be back up in a few days, and it certainly didn't cause our ps3 indicator LEDs to become circular or red. So yes, we can forgive Sony, as they've done a lot more for us lately, and every company screws up from time to time. Luckily, like I said, this is a trivial matter. If this problem broke my PS3, I'd be mad, and if it was widespread, then yes, Sony would deserve some sh!t from us. But this is neither, so its time to stop complaining.

And this goes for just about every company. I only use Sony as an example. I'm not saying we should just lie down and start taking everything in the cornhole, but to keep things in proportion. I was surprised to find that the reaction to this FW bug was comparable to that of RRoD. Is it disappointing? Yes. Is it severe/worthy of 400 separate n4g complaint articles? Hell no.

sonarus3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Lol this from the clown that praised MSoft for RROD. Anyway, 2.4 didn't affect me but affected a friend of mine so sony better fix it. 2.4 was way over hyped and without custom soundtracks and full trophy support for games its almost useless. I am however enjoying messaging my friends in game

Anyway, common people this is NOT NEWS. This site needs to change name from news 4 gamers to stuff for gamers

SL1M DADDY3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Good god man, just please stop already. You think that a small insignificant firmware bug is a huge unforgivable issue when your own beloved console has had hardware failures in the 33% range for nearly 3 years now? Come on, get your head out of your back side and smell the idiocy in what you are talking about.

I don't know about anybody else here but I'm sensing a bad case of cranial-rectal inversion in 360Degrees...

gaffyh3662d ago

Sonarus nice to see you back.

@360degrees - Obviously people are going to complain that actually had a problem with 2.4 (which I didn't), same way you would complain to MS if you get RRoD (or in my case disk read errors). There's no point in you trolling all the Sony articles just cos you can't afford to own a PS3.

blazebolt3662d ago

Sony relased 2.4 and pulled it because of a problem and won't release it until it is fixed.

Microsoft has a confirmed problem with the RROD, but still sells the console knowingly. Why don't they pull their consoles until they have fixed the issue? This is process is not uncommon as there are recalls on practically every car out there for example.

SpaZaA3662d ago

If you want to use "big words" try learning how to spell them.
It's lackadaisical.

The Wood3662d ago

your the 1st person ive seen say they knew somebody who had an issue. I was almost beginning to think that it was fake. Hope they help the affected soon.

SpaZaA3662d ago

Your name makes sense, not because of the Xbox association, but because you like to talk in circles.

Yesterday you wrote.
"RROD has never really been a HUGE issue ..
It only affected a few number of Xbox360 owners, and any and all inconveniences were handled with great customer support, Warranty extensions, Free console shipping, and even Free Xbox Live service View "

IdleLeeSiuLung3662d ago

The RROD was a significant widespread issue on earlier consoles, but with the introduction of the new heatsink on the Elite's and later the 65nm CPU and 80nm GPU hardware (Falcon) has almost eradicated the problem. Mostly older consoles are the ones suffering now. That is a serious issue, but warranties was extended and being honored.

----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ------------------------------ ---- ------------------------------ - -----

The fact of the matter is that everybody screws up, wetter it is MS or Sony. The only differnce is, MS does 1-2 updates a year (big risk, but one-two time) and Sony does it multiple times (small risk, multiple times). It is impossible to ensure that the firmware will work properly on 100% of the consoles.

The only thing I would blame on is, Sony has somewhat of unpredictable firmware release schedule and many of the online features should have been planned and implemented a long time ago. It's not like these features (voice chat & etc) weren't available on the original Xbox and they should have spotted it a mile away.

MS on the other hand screwed up big time, by making the hard drive non-standard (a step backwards), the RROD issue and not having more storage space on the optical disc.

So all in all, all parties screwed and fanboys are the only ones spreading the lies and deceit.

GiantEnemyCrab3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

This story attempts to deflect which is what the Sony army is good at. I don't recall a FW update that had to be taken down from MS or one that caused the kinds of problems 2.4 has for people.

Just like with the PS2 and the DRE's problems Sony doesn't always own up to their screw-ups. But of course as the apologists make excuses what incentive is there to correct it? At least that's what Sony folks tell me in any RROD article. I would imagine the same people who give MS total hell for the RROD are in here saying "it's OK Sony we trust you". Not that this is even close to being on the same level as RROD.

GrammarPolice3662d ago

You beat me to it on the spelling. But I did find one more for this guy: "ludacris" should be "ludicrous." Unless he's a big fan of the rapper, of course.

360deg- you can't expect people to take you seriously if you go cuckoo for cocoa puffs for Sony's gaffe (2.40) while commending MS on a relatively larger (MUCH larger) problem with the RROD. Your use of the word "rare" when describing MS mistakes as well as your praise for their response to the RROD screams "Fanboy."

I agree it is a consumer's right to complain when a product misfires or fails. It is also a consumer's right to do nothing. That's the great thing about being a consumer, you can pick and choose your fights. If you choose to go ape poopy over every little thing, that's your choice, but it dilutes the impact of your arguments and makes you seem like a whiner. We don't want that, do we?

tplarkin73662d ago

This is a major blunder by Sony.....again. This major update was supposed to dethrone Xbox Live. Instead, it's another Sony facade that comes crashing down. So, the PS3 fanboys continue making excuses and taking their Sony beating.

donator3662d ago

The world is not a perfect place. Surely, everyone on both sides of the camp should know this by now.

thebudgetgamer3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

people make mistakes that's why pencils have erasers. besides if you don't own a ps3 why are you so angry?

edit @1 although i don't agree with you i have to admit you sure did shake things up in here so kudos and bubbles

dantesparda3661d ago

This is ridiculous, anybody who thinks that this is on the same level as RROD, is completely and utterly retarded, and a complete and utter fanboy in denial. The RROD is the absolute worst break down fiasco in video games history, PEROID!

uxo223661d ago


Do you honestly believe that if something happened with the PS3 (some type of chronic hardware failure) that sony would out a hold on all PS3 sells until the problem was eradicated?

If you believe that, I have some swamp land in the trunk of my car that I would like to sell you. For you to even say that just shows how clueless you are.


Is it really that hard to understand the point that 360 degrees is trying to make. Have you NOT be able to see what he is saying, or are you just being ignorant like the rest because you feel he's a 360 fanboy? Really, I'm not trying to bash you, I just can't see how you and others cannot see his point. Whether you agree with it or not is a different story. But, if you can see/understand his point, I can't understand why you see a need to insult him.

jmoneezie3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

- There should be two spaces after a period.

- When saying MS mistakes, you should show ownership to Microsoft by adding an apostrophe. Also, you should NEVER abbreviate a proper noun as in MS for "Microsoft".

Just messing with you

thereapersson3661d ago

Nobody should EVER forgive Microsoft for their 1 Billion dollar RROD console failure.

Then again, most people haven't.

SL1M DADDY3661d ago

If you knew the fanboy you are defending you would not have posted the words you have just now. Sorry, but take a look at his history here and you will find he is nothing more than a worthless troll in search of flames. If you want to defend somebody like that then I question your judgement here. If what he posted was from somebody less hating then perhaps it would have been taken a bit lighter but it was not so I took it as I should, a flame bait from a fanboy.

thereapersson3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

They built the PS3, the most reliable next-gen console to come out in the past decade or longer. I'll break it down for those of you with comprehension problems:


PS2 - disk read errors and mild failure rate at the console's launch; had HDD in console as add-on later in the life of the system that was basically a failure because it only truly supported one game; network adaptor was almost equally a failure because it was highly under-utilized and came out too late in the system's lifecycle.

PS3 - 1% or less failure rate and mass praise for being extremely quiet and reliable; HDD as a standard across all SKU's since the system launched; built-in Wifi in 60GB models, along with every SKU released after; 20GB model had Ethernet but was discontinued due to lack of demand.


XBOX - Relatively reliable console; had HDD and internet port in console as standard, providing an advantage over the PS2 in terms of hardware features.

XBOX 360 - Biggest hardware failure rate of any console ever released; Microsoft removes HDD as standard feature across all SKU's, putting stress on developers and consumers who are forced to use memory units or buy an overpriced HDD add-on; Microsoft decides also not to include WiFi inside the system, making consumers buy a 90 dollar adaptor just to utilize their home wireless network.

Why on earth is it that Sony moved forward into this generation, while MS has somehow managed to move BACKWARDS?

KingME3661d ago

I guess what UXO is say is, that all too often on this site we don't read and just the comment instead we respond to the comment based on how we feel about the person. Which effectively kills the communication process before it even has a chance to start. And because of this type of behavior, this place is filled with fanboy ranting and no one is taking peoples comments at face value.

For instance, if a know 360 fanboys says something nice about the PS3, some PS3 fanboys would immediately think that it is sarcasm and perhaps bash him/her even though the comment was not negative in any form.

Base on its face value 360degrees comment simply states that we shouldn't take screw-ups for granted that are made by large companies that make millions of dollars per month off of us all regardless to who they may be.

tojfs79313661d ago

At least they FIXED the problem and for FREE! And they didn't take months and months to do it.

morganfell3651d ago

But the point is uxo, Sony didn't have a hardware failure. That was Microsoft. Talking about it happening to Sony is wishful fanboy coulda shoulda woulda best left for conspiracy nuts, soothsayers, and adolescents. You are, wait, hell that's right.

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juuken3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


People get on like the folks at Sony aren't human beings or something. Human beings make mistakes. What matters is that they fix those mistakes.

And 360 degrees, you are a jackass.

"are you serious? You can forgive almost instantly when Sony has a Foul up? ....You shouldnt be so lacksidasical......Wether you prefer PS3 or XBOX360 it should be almost like your duty(if you actually purchased the console) to write and complain if you are having ANY ISSUES, as to ensure that next time there are no embarrassments like the current 2.40 Fiasco"

1.You can't even spell.
2. You're lucky I was banned here unfairly to the open zone, otherwise I would have given you one good piece of my mind.
3. There was *no* embarrassment with firmware update 2.4 as you so claimed. The update was pulled to help a few people who were having issues.
4. The only embarrassment around here is Microshaft and the fact they lost over $900 million dollars to 360 Elites falling victim to the RROD.
5. For someone with a name like 360 degrees, I wonder how you could be taken seriously.
6. You need to be banned from the gamerzone. Your hatred for Sony sickens me.

Pornlord3662d ago

I don't care what company messes up, it's not about just Sony (as the article states) it's about all three companies. It's just saying that people are trying to crucify Sony over something that every system so far has done.

Xbots blowing it out of proportion is probably correct. I don't care enough about my Xbox make start sh!t, and neither should they.

juuken3662d ago

I agree with that-it was dealing with all three companies but mainly Sony has been taking the heat for this firmware update. Using words such as epidemic and crisis...that's taking things too far. It's not like the update killed every single PS3 on the planet.

Mistakes happen, but what matters is what you do the fix them. Microsoft should be learning how to fix their own mistakes by revisiting their choices for the 360 console and do a complete redesign of the system.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3662d ago

'$990m Bill for Xbox Red Ring of Death'
(Sorry couldn't help it!) ;)

@juuken ;) He's on my 'ignore' List to;)

boodybandit3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

If you ignore them how will you give them a weekly dose of bubble removal? Ignoring them in a system that relies on bubbles actually strengthens their position.

There is no question about it that 360degrees is a troll. Ignore what the moron writes but hit his bubbles every chance you get. I + bubble and - bubble everyone that deserves it and I am not partial to any system or developer. I am an equal opportunity bubble giver and taker away ;-)

juuken the fact you are here and 360degrees gets to run wild in the gamer zone goes to show there should be no separation between the zones since it's a joke to begin with. As long as trolls follow the guide lines (carefully wording their flames) they can run rampant in the gamer zone.

I am about to remove N4G from my sites to visit. This place is getting worse by the week with losers having multiple accounts and all the flame wars and blogging site post just to entice flame wars and hits to this site.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3662d ago

Yeah i know what your saying about the Bubbles;) I will have to open their comments once a week and De-Bubble them!;-D
I was(and maybe still am)close to not coming on this to. But since i have 'ignored' all of them it's been quite nice here!!!;-D
I can read my Lovely;)PlayStation Fans comments only. I think these places make people more anti the other console. Because no one likes someone to sl*g-off their enjoyment er console. That's why i joined up, because i couldn't take the 24/7 PS3 bashing!!!and do nothing about it :-/ I'll see how it goes... ;)

MikeGdaGod3662d ago

they banned me for responding to a f*cking idiot

what a bunch of p*ssies

juuken3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Well scottie, that's the way it is now. I was banned unfairly as well. I mentioned Greys of Bore and the 360 fanatics went insane. Luckily I escaped with my head intact. O_O

Oh, Ken, I got it!

Queers of Bore! ^^

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3662d ago

'Greys of Bore' ;-D ;-D ;-D Good one;)

What about -
'Years of Bore'
'Blurs of War' ;-D

Bet you could take them on by yourself!!!;)

@scottie2521 ;) Sorry to hear about that.
Why doesn't that '360degrees' get banned for??? Strange. If i went on every 'Gamer Zone' bit to do with xBox 360 i'd get banned in 1 second!!! ;-D

Snukadaman3662d ago

Now before you droids whine and cry about rrod....we have a 3 year warranty people did for their goes by a case by case basis when it comes to replacing broken ps3's and firmware 2.4 is one of those reasons..its a big gamble...poor juuken..defending her precious like the fatso she is.....i wonder if she gets a treat with every posting she does.....

"You need to be banned from the gamerzone. Your hatred for Sony sickens me"
and you were banned for your "microshaft" hate...but yet dont see the difference...hilarious.

GameDev3662d ago


ThatCanadianGuy3662d ago

Yeah well,there's a huge difference between defending something that only affected less then what...100 people? compared to millions.

Then as the article said,there's the dashboard update that f*cked up people's console's.made them laggy and whatnot,then there's
the blue screen of death.disc tray jamming,Disc's getting scratched by the console.Some people saying there XBL purchases "mysteriously"
dissapeared.And after contacting M$ support,were told to just buy it again.And the ever so famous "Red Ring Of Death" nuff said about that.

You defend all that no? It's perfectly fine for M$ to getaway with all that yeah?

So why do you come in here b!tching at PS3 fans for defending a tiny little mistake,that effected barely 3% of the PS3 userbase?

Pain3661d ago

Cuz they brain dead crack babys that need to justify there paying $50+ a year for a online service that FREE and kicking its a$$.

fact! A locked up HDD is absolutely retardidly benin compared to XBL's spring lock "kills you CONSOLE dead" fiasco......

let alone Loosing what?....almost 2 Billion on RROD?............900 for elite other bill was extending the lol "dodged a Recall 3 year warranty extension"......

Homicide3661d ago

Bots are trying to spin this after that RROD article today. Sorry bots but MS screwed up more than Sony.

PS. pain, you rock!

Snukadaman3661d ago

Unlike some people on here im quite open of the RROD problems I suffered in the past....I figure someone wouldnt fess up to said problems if they were such defenders. For some reason its hang microsoft for their problems but let sony get away because the problem is minuscule seems absolutely one sided and ridiculous. as someone already pointed out...most of you morons dont even own a xbox yet are always posting about RROD...rrod went out 7 months ago with my experience since that was the last time i dealt with it personally.

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Raoh3662d ago

my 2.4 update installed quickly and without a hitch to date.... if you check most polls very few people have issues.. but the ones that do have issues have posted in the same threads several times

i would say 360 owners who live in a glass house should not throw stones...


[UPDATE] As Paranoimia stated in the comments section “A very small minority have experienced problems with the update, while most people had no problems whatsoever.”

“It may well be that a minority of people have been affected in some way, but I’d put money on a lot of the internet talk being from Xbots who have picked up on this minority and decided to blow it out of all proportion”

Sayai jin3662d ago

Excuse me, comments like PS3tard, Xbots, etc belong in the open zone and is enforced by N4G.

Back on topic. Whether it is a small problem or large problem, whether it is the 360, PS3, or Wii; it is still a problem. The firmware update that is. It is a problem that Sony responded too and is working the issue and it will be fixed (hopefully soon), but people do not need to try to spin it.

Mr PS33662d ago

Not that Sony have messed up in any way !!!! FACT !!!!
Than a little Blow up
You know what i mean Bots

QueefyB3662d ago

mrps3 i agree with you hey im thinking of starting a foundation that helps the victims of xbox 360 fires i was wondering how do i set it up and how do i make sure they dont have a panic attack when they see an xbox 360

Grey Fox3662d ago

360 degrees your a complete idiot,2.40 fiasco? if you want to talk about fiascos then lets talk about the RROD M$ really messed up on that,30% failure rate.Sony has nothing to worry about they'll be #1 where they belong and your precious heater will be #3 where it belongs.