Supreme League of Patriots Issue 1 – Review | CriticalIndieGamer

(CriticalIndieGamer) There are few things as vapid or as insipid as the Saturday night television lineup. Countless celebrity chat shows and talent(less) competitions litter the schedule, each one an almost identical copy of the other. You could liken those shows to television junk food – the type that really clogs your arteries up and causes a cardiac event in later life. There’s never anything original on either, like, say, ‘America’s Got Death Defiers’. Our weekend television schedules are positively crying out for some originality! Supreme League of Patriots has the answer and its protagonist, Kyle Keever, has set his eyes on winning the America’s Got Superpowers crown. Kyle’s ultra cynical British pal Mel is also on hand to give some moral support, as well as the occasional intelligence based insult. Over the course of the first episode the pair take the world to task on everything from police brutality to homophobia.

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