400GB Blu-Ray disc, good for games? writes:"the question is, can it be played in the Playstation 3 for its games or movie playback, whatever? Pioneer has stated:

"Since the optical specifications of the objective lens…are the same as those for the existing BD discs, it is possible to maintain compatibility between the new 16-layer optical disc and the BD discs."

This means that we can probably put one of these 400GB disc in our PS3's, but why 400GB, we will see any gaming benefits from this?"

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PoSTedUP3732d ago

400gb bluray disc good for games? umm only for real developers like konami : P XD

segasage3732d ago

you gamers have cinemas in your town?

space don't mean a damn's how developers use it.

King_many_layers3732d ago

if space doesn't mean a thing then please explain yourself.. sure it doesn't graphically, but in terms of content.. I'd be happier with HUGE space than minimal.

Kyur4ThePain3732d ago

Not that this would be used in the PS3, but at least developers have the option of using the space, unlike on DVD-9, right?

Peow3732d ago

MGS4 isn't only 5 hours long. It can be on a speed run. But to play the game right it's well over 5 hours. I mean, nowadays Mario 64 can be beaten in just minutes, but at the time it seemed longer than that. So what? MGS4's cut scenes can be skipped too y'kno...

Anyhow. 400gb BluRay disks would be great, just not this gen. Imagine how massive games could be. Oblivion could be 50x bigger! I personally wouldn't like to change discs when I'm exploring the place. I could see the devs dividing the game into sections depending on the disk. That, and this is a new era of laziness! Who wants to roll out of their beds, their chairs, their wives(or husbands) to switch a disk and completely interrupt everything for a few minutes! Then what happens when you lose one of the disks?

chester3732d ago

400gb.....that would be "welcome to 12 year developmental processes".

like too human on steroids.......

Silver3603731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Games would take forever to load. That much information is just to much data to look through. Developers have to make installs to the hard drive now to speed up load times imagine how big an install it would be with a 400GB disc. Shoot there is more data on the disc than the hard drive can hold. Save that stuff for the PS4 when disc read speeds are faster.

Edit: How long would it take a developer to fill up 400GB disc? And how much would it cost to develop such a game?

Armyless3731d ago

I think most developers would agree that the limitiations of hardware specifications are the major hurdle, not the lack thereof.

PimpHandHappy3731d ago

is awesome

I cant wait to see what the real great game makers can do with that!

IMO thou we wont see games using that much space till the end of the PS3 life cycle

that would be around 2014

longtimegamer3731d ago

...Metal Gear Solid 5 anyone? do it Kojima!

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eagle213732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

The article ends at maybe 400GB isn't needed this generation for games. But 100GB discs will probably be used this generation for games.

awesome :)

edhe3732d ago

Think you got that backwards - the new tech will play BD discs, not the other way around.

eagle213732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

"Since the optical specifications of the objective lens…are the same as those for the existing BD discs, it is possible to maintain compatibility between the new 16-layer optical disc and the BD discs."

Nothing backwards about his statement bro. He never mentioned new players. Just new discs and current BD being compatible in players. :)

ParadoxicalAssassin3732d ago

This is the most damn intresting news i have heard on n4g in a long time...

Damn and i thought 50gb was cutting edge, i want one of those, they can put an entire series of games on one disc, like the MGS series...

amazing stuff

Pornlord3732d ago

How big will the install have to be? Do you think it will change the 5 gig install to a 10, doubling the space to 100? Maybe not, it just seems that with more data on the disc, the lens would have that much harder time reading it quickly enough. Just a thought.

Mr PS33732d ago

Well of course its good for Game's
PS3 Games that is

To put it nice and simple for the Bots
I have a Big house with a huge pool and garage and a huge driveway
So you see i can fit lots of great stuff into my Big Bad House

Now the Bots on the other hand all live in trailers on a trailer park with their 12 brother's and sisters, grampa joe with the glass eye and no teeth in his head, Granny crabs with a hairy chin, 2 dogs and a pig
So you see there aint a lot of room at the trailer !!! Is there now

Blu ray disc = lots of space just like my Big Bad House
DVD 9 = Not enough space just like your rotten dirty stinking filthy trailer