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Genuine-User1414d ago

seems like a decent open world zombie game.
I think I'll wait for the retail version here in UK.

nX1413d ago

Buy it, don't listen to these ridiculous reviews! It's an awesome coop game and much more polished than you would expect from the Dead Island developers. I would even go as far as to say that it would be a serious GOTY contender in 2014. I for one am enjoying it thoroughly, it's pretty much everything you'd hope for in a zombie game.

Genuine-User1413d ago

That's great. I would have got it on release if not for the lack of retail release.

Ashunderfire861413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I for one agree with you on this, one of the best games starting this year up. I am glad I bought this game before reviews like this comes up. This guy makes every game sound like it's boring to play, plus I never encounter glitches like this in Dying Light. What he did was stress test the game and find a glitches most players won't find. I know about this, because I was a game tester in game design class at Camden County College in New Jersey.

For those people who are calling this game a boring fetch quest is talking BS, cause just about every open world game is a fetch quest of someone wanting you to do something. Look at Far Cry 4 for example, it gets all these game awards yet it's full of the same repetitive missions and fetch quests we already saw before since the last game. You see the same repetitive structure missions in Assassins Creed, Watchdogs, and Far Cry 2, 3, 4 yet they all get great reviews.

I no longer wait for reviews to play a game, I watch people on Twitch who 100 percent of the time get these games early, and then I make my mind up. Yesterday 900 something people playing this game on twitch and Ustream, and majority of comments from fans claiming to like the game. This generations of games reviews have been more bias than ever before. I like this game, so if anybody want to play coop my PSN is legionaire2008 2008 is when I got PS3 my first Playstation console.

TheWackyMan1414d ago

Why do I feel like the gaming media is being almost too harsh on this game?

Dudebro901413d ago

I feel like more reviewers are being too easy on it because it has zombies.

There's no way this game is a 9 or higher. It has some serious flaws.

rebeljoe141413d ago

Nope no flaws just good old fun

Dudebro901413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

The missions structure is one thing, fetch quests. Its always, go talk to thus dude, and bring me this thing. That's about it.

Fighting humans is tedious and takes way too long. All you do is take a swing and run back, rinse and repeat.

The climbing sometimes doesn't register and you end up falling off of something.

The combat is a step down since you can target limbs(it might be available later in the skill trees, but I'm 8 hours in and haven't seen it) all fights against zombies end up just being you flailing around trying to hit a zombie and missing sometimes.

BC_Master_Haze1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I don't know if those are actually flaws. Mission structure of course is subjective, however fighting humans with a plan doesn't require that.

Remember to aim where you're climbing, that got me at first too.

Timing my friend, and crouch hitting the legs (but honestly just go for head), lack of skill is no flaw, well... At least not in the game ;) it takes time but you'll get it

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Ashunderfire861413d ago

They are more bias than ever before. Their review of Alien Isolation push the boarder line for fans, now this. I like this game more than that overrated Far Cry 4.

masterfox1413d ago

it sures has some mixed reviews about this game, good that I give a damn about reviews and have my own criteria ;)

Der_Kommandant1413d ago

The publisher didn't want the reviews in time for day one, that's always bad news.

LordMaim1413d ago

Tell that to South Park Stick of Truth.

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