PS Vita could be the first post-retail system

With a bit of vision correction, Sony's handheld is well positioned for a long and potentially lucrative life

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Playdor1413d ago

It has a ton of indie games on it! A lot of good ones too.

ThunderPulse1413d ago

I'm tired of Indie, I want more RPG's!

Snookies121413d ago

There are a lot of RPG games on Vita.

Rydro1413d ago

It has so many RPG's already...

C-H-E-F1413d ago

smh Freedom Wars is King

nidhogg1413d ago

Agreed! can't wait to play Assault Android Cactus and Hotline Miami 2 on mine. Plus Blazblue CP Extend is coming to it so we just better hold our breath for more.

F0XHOUND1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Its got the potential. Just today, I realised ps plus alone has given me so many epic games.

Gravity rush, sine Mora, dragons crown, uncharted golden abys, muramasa rebirth, new little kings story, unit 13, ninja gaiden, street fighter x tekken...

The list goes on, couple that with persona, final fantasy x HD and Mgs HD.... its an epic handheld.

So devs, please show more support!

PoSTedUP1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

sword art onlineHF, killzone mercenary, tearaway, LBP, atelier games, WRC3&4, MXGP, wipout 2048, resogun, danranronpa2 & trigger happy havoc, freedom wars, jak collection, GOW, rachet n clank, sly, rayman origins- & legends, disgaea 3&4, virtua tennis, madden 13, mlb the show 12,13&14, hyper demention neptuna rebirth & rebirth 2, tales of hearts R, project diva games, Akibas trip, assasins creed, minecraft, borderlands 2, mortal kombat, the blaz blue games, cod declass (meh), resistance, ConceptionII, dead or alive5, epic mickey, dragonballZ, dragons crown, dynasty warriors franchise, amazing spiderman, earth defense force, fifa15, F1, hotshots golf, the lego games, mud, mind0, modnation racers, motoGP13&14, needforspeed, one piece world red, oddworlds, vita pets, invisimals, ragnarok oddsey ace, soul sacrifice delta, shinobo2, sorcery saga, sonic all stars racing, streetfighterXtekken, toukiden, ultamate marble vs capcom,

PoSTedUP1413d ago

zero escape, the walking dead, YS memories of celceta, playstation allstars, supremacyMMA, silent hill, samurai warriors4, jet set radio.

the list went on ;).

dark-kyon1413d ago

agreed,sony need to bring the 64 gb card and drop the price of them.

Mikefizzled1413d ago

Wasn't that technically the PSP Go?

Team_Litt1413d ago

Gaming's greatest bait and switch!
Next generation portable - > PS Vita. Lol what a 180!

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The story is too old to be commented.