Mario Maker Release Appears To Have Been Pushed Back

Nintendo revealed a very unique game for the Wii U during last year’s E3 with Mario Maker. Rather than the typical 2D or even 3D platformer where you take control of Mario through a series of creative worlds, Mario Maker instead gives you control of the very level design itself. Originally it was revealed that the game would be coming in the first half of 2015, courtesy of October’s earnings report, but that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.

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Playdor1413d ago

This seems like it will help game developers quickly come up with level design ideas.

3-4-51413d ago

Maybe more music options ?

Highlife1413d ago

That would make my soon happy. He is a huge Mario fan and this is the game he is waiting for. He has been making levels in Mario brothers X for awhile. Hope the game is as good as that.


tlougotg1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Unique? Nintendo hasnt done anything unique in regards to games for a long time. They have grown stale and have depended on regurgitation, cheap tech and sequels for a long time. They are just copying off the tail of games like LBP already done on consoles and unique for their time but have since been copied with games like Spark, more lbp sequels,etc......


Good question, knowing Nintendo and how they lag so much behind the competition i wont be surprised if they dont let you play user created leves, that would be dumb!!!!!!

Amorist891413d ago

Lack of innovation? Regurgitation? Sounds like you're explaining the third party titles that wannabe game analysts mope about such as Call of Duty.

Your comments just screams "i am on the outside looking in". But hey Jan 29th the day i met another troll.

eyeofcore1413d ago

So making levels in MvsDK GBA never happened then?

You PlayStation fanboys...

Sony stole PlayStation name from nintendo and hardware specifications from Sega for original PlayStation.

WeAreLegion1413d ago

Oh, yes. It was totally Sony who screwed over Nintendo on the PlayStation and not the other way around... /s

PlayStation basically exists because Ken Kutaragi wanted revenge.

I love Nintendo and PlayStation, but don't act like Nintendo is innocent here.

higgins781413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

You talk about 'unique' like its grows on trees. You cant constantly keep reinventing the wheel with every game released you know. I would argue that only last gen Nintendo changed the way people played games. The Wii used Motion Controls in such a way it was a global hit AND forced Sony and Microsoft to release their versions onto the market. Skyward Sword was (for me) EASILY the most innovative game released last gen. I mean, a fully realised Zelda game using Motion Controls at its core...brave and innovative barely covers it.

Also, since you are so hung up on the term 'unique'...I wonder what you consider Sony or Microsoft to have done - this gen or last - we can consider SOOOOO unique?

Theparanerds1413d ago

I really hope we can download player created levels as I suck at making anything

DryBoneKoopa851413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

@Theparanerds: Nintendo has already stated that you can play other players levels.

Deathdeliverer1413d ago

I cannot wait for this. They should remake Mario Paint.