Zombies – The Facts And The Fascinations

Johnny writes - "As I play through the most recent Zombie apocalypse game, Dying Light from Techland, it occurs to me that we as a society have somewhat of an unhealthy fascination with these undead creatures that bring about the end of the world as we know it. It seems to me that we are constantly bombarded by all forms of media including movies and games depicting our world coming to an end in this horrific and terrifying way. What is it about these mindless killing machines we find so alluring? Is it that law and order breaks down and we must revert to our most primal instincts to survive, by killing, hunting and foraging? Looking back at where this fascination first came about is unclear, and for me Mary Shelly first brough the idea of the undead coming back to life in the early 1800’s with her novel Frankenstein. However, bringing the dead back to life has been part of Haitian culture and folklore for centuries, by reviving the dead through the act of necromancy performed by a Bokor sorcerer. This is all tied into the Voodoo religion that has been part of the culture for as long as anyone can remember."

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Playdor1182d ago

I can't stand zombies and zombie games. They're been done to death!