Nighttime Terror review on Oculus Rift I The Rift Arcade

The Rift Arcade - Twin-stick shooters have seen something of a revival on mobile devices, with Minigore, Guerrilla Bob and Infinity Field proving to be massive successes in the App Store. Nighttime Terror brings that trend to virtual reality, but it adds a clever twist to the control scheme to take full advantage of the Oculus Rift headset.

So what’s the game about? In short, it’s a top-down twin-stick shooter where you battle evil toys throughout familiar locations that include an office, bedroom and sand castle. You play as a small character who wears a large hat (which darkens as your health is damaged). It’s possible to pick up bonus weapons including a rocket launcher and shotgun to blast away in-game foes that waddle and walk in your direction. When the game is loaded for the first time you’ll find yourself in a fully 3D menu that lets you pick levels and change settings by simply aiming with your head.

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