Microsoft Possibly Developing Next Gen Tech For Xbox, Calls It 'Magical, Delightful'

We've heard about Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda, one of the creators for Kinect, and the new project he's working on. However Microsoft might be working on some new tech for the Xbox One.

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Mkai281414d ago

I see a dumb down version of hololens, with perhaps oculus type VR. It would be hololens, but more for gaming..

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Gamer19821414d ago

It could be just Kinect games..

DLConspiracy1413d ago

Wouldnt it just be hololens. Why would they create a dumbed down version. Always love negative first comments...

Mkai281411d ago

I was being serious about that, reason why I said "dumb down" because it could be too expensive.. It has its own Processors, runs without cords, HD Display, has dynamic surround sound, has VR/AR tech. Let's be realistic here ppl, it could be a $300 investment.

DLConspiracy1410d ago


That would be great. Its affordable.

4Sh0w1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

lol gamingbolt and dualshockers make news out of nothing...any thriving company are always looking for fresh talent by posting job listings.

Basically I simply dont bother going to gamingbolt or dualshockers site anymore because I can see a pattern for quite sometime of low quality news articles made from simple:

Job listings= "OMG they are working on something big!"
Reality= Again every company worth its salt are looking for new talent and of course they think its exciting, mostly just routine business and of course in house a company like microsoft is working on some future new tech...most of which will never see store shelves...who gives a dammm write me a story when its something tangible that will benefit consumers.

Tweets= "OMG Phil Spencer just said there will be something really exciting coming to Xbox One!"
Reality= Yeah OK wow heres my money now, nah seriously Phil is great and leading Xbox division in the right direction but isnt that always the plan? Again I really dont understand how this could possibly be news to even the least educated gamers.

Xbox Live Status= "OMG Xbox Live is down!"
Reality= There is literally outtages or some type of network issues with every large network multiple times everyday, for example even cell phone, cable and internet networks that lead competitors in customer satisfaction experience thousands of problems daily by their users...thats why they have customer service, they just get to work on fixing it...with millions still up and running they aree still thought of as reliable because other netwirks have MORE issues even security concerns. Like yesterday it wasnt even most having login issues just some and it was fixed in a couple hours. I understand the need to inform especially. when its major problems and takes an unreasonably longtime to resolve but again dint know why I need a story on every minor network issue when microsofts sites already has the status on it, and is readily available to handle any personal concerns I might have.

Then finally when all else fails post some generic rumor= "DX12 likely to improve Xbox One performance" or "DX12 will help make ____ 1080p 60fps?"
Reality= Really? What about the important details saying how much? I mean with or without DX12 some games have already been 1080p 60fps...vague speculation or obvious guesses is not news to normal gamers.

Damm these sites make me miss Hip Hop Gamers outrageous headlines....yeah they were completely made up headlines baesd on grossly exaggerated small tidbits of info but atleast they made me laugh.

Concertoine1413d ago

now every website copies that formula and it remains the only banned site.

Mkai281411d ago

Yes, the ol click bait scheme. Sadly it sucks fanboys in like a peace of paper to a whirlwind. It actually is a useful method, to weed in the bad apples that care only about graphics.

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corroios1414d ago

Gamingbolt enough is enough. We dont want magic. What we want is games. Why this kind of «news» keep being aproved...

A job listing turn into some kind of magic kingdom above the clouds...

headblackman1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


speak for yourself. i want games, along with innovation, and brand new experiences. im not a limited gamer and so i don't spend money on a limited company that can't consistently provide those things to me.

RobLoPR1413d ago

BOOOMMM!!! couldnt have said it better myself

4Sh0w1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

No dynamite here though, just a job listing...which happens all the time. I cant see how this is news to any gamer who visits this site. lol, every other site might as well post a headline for all the Azure associated cloud job listings, Im sure that we all won't even be able to contain our premature X1 becoming a *cloud supercomputer excitement. OK but what I call reality some might just accuse me of being the buzz kill= fair enough. So to each his own, I personally just think news like this doesnt say much, hits lead to more of the same and Im sure we all could use more real journalism.

corroios1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Innovation? are talking about the Kinect that cant be taken from the Xbox? A New Secret Sauce? DX12, DGPU, SDK, Cloud, CPU?

Limited company? Are you talking about Microsoft? because they werent able to build FHD machine in 2014? Dont have enough money? Wait rez doesnt matter.

New gameplay and experience playing the same IP over and over and over. Yes, its really inovattion to have Forza and Halo every year.

What games? last year you got Titanfall and then Christmas, because they care about gamers... this year will be the same...

chrish19901413d ago

Gaming bolt need to catch up, this is old info.

christocolus1414d ago

Phil said kudo would be getting some attention soon, so its obvious they have something other than hololens in development for xboxone. Hololens is basically a device(compatible with windows 10 pcs and xbox) but im guessing we will see another device made specifically for xbox (maybe VR or AR)and fully compatible with kinect. Whatever it is i hope they surprise us just like they did with the hololens announcement.

Manic20141414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

"Phil said kudo would be getting some attention soon, so its obvious they have something other than hololens in development for xboxone."

Yeah, I don't think he'll be showing anything other than Hololens. On the day of the reveal he tweeted:

"Microsoft HoloLens is public!! I can finally talk about work again!! #HoloLens #Holograms"

Seem's to me Hololens was his project. I think Phil probably was indicated that Kudo would show the Xbox Side of Hololens. Should be Awesome! I wonder how Hololens will act in the future Xbox ecosystem.

christocolus1414d ago

you may be right, but going by the job post it seems MS is definitely working on something xbox related. whatever it is i think it will work with kinect.

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