German Ratings Board Rates Project Morpheus Title Higher in HMD Than On Screen

VRFocus- It's very possible that virtual reality (VR) technology will be a source of huge controversy when the industry inevitably arrives at a point of total immersion. New action experiences could allow players to realistically handle deadly weapons while horror titles will become much more convincing. Just how these issues will be resolved will be interesting to follow, although it could be that higher age restrictions are put in place. In fact, the German Rating Board has already put this approach into practice.

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TomahawkX1180d ago

the crap will hit the fan when someone actually dies from a VR Horror game. Especially if its an under-aged kid. The tech will eventually get to the point where it will seem very real.

G20WLY1180d ago

We get epilepsy warnings when we start up our consoles at the moment; should we maybe expect heart warnings with VR horror games?

TomahawkX1180d ago

I think developers just have to be more responsible when creating VR content, but you never know, some psycho game developer could make the scariest VR game ever in his basement lol.

Codewow1180d ago

I think that would be the point of VR horror games. Scare you until you have no crap left in you. I don't understand how they could really rate a game specifically for VR though.. since it will likely be a completely optional choice. It'll probably get "Virtual Reality not rated by the ESRB(or other rating boards)" messages.
Or they will have to add another rating category for VR.

ThunderPulse1180d ago

Can't wait till I actually tremble in fear while playing a game.

kenwonobi1180d ago

Itll happen. People have various health problems and those problems could always manifest in one person when something as new and exciting as this is unveiled. Until everyone becomes numb to it.

medman1180d ago

The p.t. demo would have sent me through the roof due to jumb scares at certain points if it was in VR.

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mixelon1180d ago

This makes complete sense. If you've played horror games on the Dk2 vs monitor, it's completely different - you end up reacting totally differently too. I swear like a sailor in VR, and act like much more wimpishly - it just changes things when the stuff feels like it's coming right at you, lol.

A few horror games I've walked around purposely averting my view - which is ridiculous and would get me killed in RL. It's totally automatic, I don't play like that normally. XD

Dan501180d ago

When did Germany get a 15 rating? I thought it was 0, 6, 12, 16, 18, banned.

PoSTedUP1180d ago

not for the faint of heart. bring on the stress and anxiety!

Shuckylad1180d ago

I'm gonna play while sat on the toilet, you know.. Just incase.

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