Rumour:New PS3 Motion Controller To Take inspiration from Wii Zapper

PS3 Fanboy Write

"Rumors about a Wii-like PS3 controller surfaced in early June when details about a supposed secret focus group testing were leaked. Heading back into the rumor mill, we found a startling discovery over on JustPlay -- a videogame peripheral manufacturer and supplier. On the website, a listing for a "PS3 2.4 GHz Wireless Handgun" quite possibly shows us what this rumored PSThrii-mote will look like and its intended use.

While the picture does suggest that peripheral is being made for such a device, there isn't a guarantee that such a device does indeed exist. It could very well be a mock-up for ideas being played around with. We'll continue to chalk this one up as rumor for now. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes out for more. Most likely, if there is anything out there regarding a PSThrii-mote, we will be seeing it at this month's E3."

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Will-UK3728d ago

The official one might look alot different

Will-UK3728d ago

I hope if they are making the motion controller its better than the one shown in this article

Raoh3728d ago

i actually would be disappointed with a wii like ps3 controller.

i would much rather see a real push to make games around the sixaxis technology....

maybe an accompanied device for off hand/second hand motion as well..

but on a few games (arrow and canon ball control in heavenly sword, log balance in uncharted, driving controls need some work but they do work if you take the time to learn it, warhawk, upcoming feature in socom for peeking/leaning) sixaxis works great

abandoning sixaxis for a more wii like feel would be a bad idea to me..

i'm hoping sony's plan is to maximize what they already have...

Omega43728d ago

Yet another controller from Sony first Sixaxis then dual shock 3 now PS3 zapper, cant they get anything right the first time. I mean how manly PS3 SKUs are there 5 or 6 talk about a mess!

Silogon3728d ago

I agree, leave this motion control crap to someone else. Nintendo, Microsoft and now Sony are trying to flood a market that doesn't need to have it flooded.

Diversity is what set each system apart until now. Now we're going to all have the same functionality and no system will have a personality outside their names.

Pretty lame. Typical Sony to ride the wave of others success, though.

QueefyB3728d ago

hey omega i just got back from throwing my trash outside and i saw my neighbor his name is fernando and hes like a spanish lover so anyways i saw him throw his xbox 360 into the trash and he was screaming and crying because he wanted to play gta 4 so bad but he only had an xbox 360 and it died this morning so anyways hes now in my house and were playing gta 4 in full high definition on my playstation 3 but i told him to sit far away from me because he might have xbox radiation and i dont want to die i still have to play little big planet

Silogon3728d ago

You do know that the xbox 360 version runs at a higher rez than the ps3 version of GTA4, though, right?

Ps3= 640P to xbox 360's= 720P

SpecialSauce3728d ago

that gtaiv has horrendous graphics and doesn't deserve to run in either of those resolutions. but anyway if u ever seen a game with bad graphics run in high resolution it tends to make the horrible graphics stand out more. trust me they were perfectly capable of making that horrible game with horrible graphics run in 720p for ps3. and SONY has been talking about making a motion controller since the ps2 days. MS has also made a motion controller u don't think they copied? im sure the Wii gave SONY a little inspiration for making this controller. but Sony's controller has been reported to be using much more advanced tech and it will kill the Wii mote. SONY is giving it's customers all they got whats the problem with that? they're gonna crush the crappy Wii console which to me seems like a last gen console. only thing that's keeping the Wii alive is it's price.

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Panthers3728d ago

So, since it looks like a gun it is copying the Wii Zapper huh?

Where will it end? The PS3 has USB ports so I guess it copied my computer. And it has ventilation too. Wonder what it copied there. Hmm. OMG THE PS3 COPIED THE PS2 WITH ITS CONTROLLER!!!! POSER

thor3727d ago

Good point, BUT the reason we don't want copies of things is, well, we've already got a Wii zapper! If sony was making something truly innovative, THAT's when to get excited. Just as USB ports are nice to have, so would this new thing for PS3, but if they had a big announcement _just_ concerning PS3 USB ports, that would be a bit of a let down, wouldn't it?

gungnir133728d ago

That's one ugly peripheral.

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