Uncharted 4 dev Naughty Dog is hiring single and multiplayer game designers; finishing development?

According to 2 new job listings posted on Linkedin, Uncharted 4 developer Naughty Dog is looking for a single and multiplayer game designer. The job listings were posted a few hours ago by Naughty Dog recruiting manager Candace Walker.

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VER1ON1180d ago

Might be about time to get an actual release date

-Foxtrot1180d ago

God I'm so excited but terrified of what the multiplayers direction is going to be

VER1ON1180d ago

Never fancied the MP mode, but things can change.

dcj05241180d ago

If they keep it simple like UC2 then it'll be great.

-Foxtrot1180d ago

If they don't over really since it's going to be the last Uncharted game

I want to play on the multiplayer for years like I did with Uncharted 2

OrangePowerz1180d ago

I wouldn't be so sure that it will be the last Uncharted.

Ickythump311180d ago

uc2 multiplayer was surprisingly awesome. I would love it if they kept it simple like that as well.

radler1180d ago

Uncharted 4 is due out this year, you don't hire designers this late into the development of a game. The likely scenario is that they're hiring for another project which is just starting out, which is probably a sequel to The Last of Us.

VER1ON1180d ago

The recruiting manager of Naughty Dog, Candace Walker has tweeted that the job listing applies to Uncharted 4.

Dawknight3161180d ago

You can do that to polish the product. More minds better game, also speeds up the process.

OrangePowerz1180d ago

Sure you can. If they release in November they still have 8-9 months of development and that time they will need every person available to finish it.

ziggurcat1180d ago

"you don't hire designers this late into the development of a game."

... it's in its pre-alpha stage... that's not far into the development cycle at all.

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tlougotg1180d ago

Loved every single mp in Uncharted (although 3 after subway series beta really got screwed). Naughty Dog does betas really well and my god the amount of fun had is ridiculous! Cant wait for them to push out a Beta for mp which shouldn't be too long from now.

Naughty Dog games are the type of games that even if your broke youll find money to get it day one! lol