How to take a screenshot on Xbox One: a lesson in frustration

Trying to do just one simple thing seems to have 360 steps with Microsoft – why is the Xbox One’s functionality such a car crash?

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n4rc1181d ago

God.. I'm sorry I read as much as I did

Horrible article...

TheCommentator1181d ago

Yeah. MS is not perfect by any means but this guy complains like he got an atomic wedgie.

1181d ago
TheCommentator1181d ago

Honestly, how do you disagree with this? He's like that angry video gamer who reviews classic games!

Septic1181d ago

Bloody ell...this guy wrote an article about trying to use a feature on a console that doesn't have that feature yet...riight.

Stiffler1181d ago

What a silly piece.

Seriously guys, don't give these flame baiters the clicks. They just spew the BS for income.

Don't click this crap

Dramacydal1181d ago

I'm pissed my PS4 doesn't produce sparkling cider.

Septic1181d ago

Just don't do what this chap did and write an article about your struggles.

Dramacydal1181d ago

Can I link the YouTube of me holding a cup to the disc slot for 18hrs, cursing there's not a drop in sight?

rawrock1181d ago

Screenshots are coming I believe in the next update or the one after. Looking forward to the transparent tiles in this next update too...

Toiletsteak1181d ago

I have had transparent tiles for a while now and it really doesn't make much difference.

GenuineGamer1181d ago (Edited 1181d ago )

Ive got transparent tiles and they are freaking awesome!!! Makes a huge difference to the dash's look.

rawrock1181d ago

They make the dash look a lot better, and its nice you can see your background picture a lot better. Its not a huge thing but its nice.

bananaboats1181d ago

I have the transparent tiles and they do make a difference. Make the dash look more cleaner and allows you to actually see your backround

Automatic791181d ago

Wait this feature isn't available yet. This article is horrible.

paulomoreira1181d ago

i think this guy have a ps4 and is not satisfied with it :)

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