Planet Xbox 360: Wall-E Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Movie to game transitions face enough obstacles without attempting to replicate cinematic greatness. Most games based on films are tied to mediocre films, and unfortunately live up to the blandness of the film without most gamers caring. Unfortunately, THQ's latest offering has to live up to a Pixar film, which happens to be one the best-reviewed movie of the year. It sets the bar high for a game that just is not up to the task of matching even a decent film.

The game follows the story of the film, with the last remaining bit of 'life' on Earth being a clean-up robot and his cockroach buddy. The game fails miserably at delivering Wall-E's adorable personality, his loneliness, or the fact that he is a hopeless romantic. The first level of the game puts gamers in control of Wall-E in what makes the situation feel as though he is cleaning up a dusty junkyard than surrounded by towering trash towers. Controlling Wall-E around Earth is about as boring as you would imagine the real task of cleaning up an abandoned planet. You move around hills of trash and make square garbage cubes to throw at items to set off switches to clear obstacles."

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