Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Main Antagonist Gets Formal Reveal

A brand new scan for Dragon Ball Xenoverse has been released.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1415d ago

To be honest I would rather them allow us to play through the whole story line from Dragon Ball all the way to GT but instead they are giving us this weird story line which is disappointing. There has never been a perfect Dragon Ball Z game and this certainly won't be it. PS2 generation of DBZ games were as close as we ever got to a perfect game. Also DLC for a character that was default in previous DBZ games has killed all my hope for these developers to be worth a shit.

kayoss1415d ago

I think "Playing through the story" have been done in almost every dragonball game. I like this new game because its not the predictable story that everyone already played and watched.

TonyBest1001415d ago

Completely agree, every known previous game has just been the same story over and over, retelling it in the same exact way.

With Xenoverse it still follows the main story, but with twists in how events happen, like Goku being the only one impaled by the Special Beam Cannon or both Vegeta and Nappa in their Ape forms against Goku.

DragoonsScaleLegends1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Hell no there has never been a DBZ game that followed the story completely. They all usually started with defeating Raditz and basically skipping between points to just defeat the next enemy. What I want is something that has way more content and has the whole story even the small bits between fights and playing as Gohan when he's the focus and switching to different characters when they become the focus. They could make each DBZ series into a different game making up three parts. I don't want to play a DBZ game that takes characters out and charges for them as DLC yet they were always in previous releases for free. I don't want random new characters created that make up a fake story. Maybe as a secondary side story with new original characters but not for the main story in the game. Also watching the trailer for this game those are probably the worst Japanese voices I have ever heard in a game. But the English version sucks now because Gohan sounds like kid Luffy from One Piece.

SegaGamer1414d ago

Sorry, i accidently disagreed with your comment. I totally agree with what you said.

Although i like this storyline they are going with i would like to see a storyline that starts from the very beginning of the Dragon Ball story through to the end of GT. The story should start from the events leading to Bardock's death and Goku arriving on Earth and carry on from there. They should add proper cut scenes and open world adventuring to it as well. It would be a great game.

I am also disappointed about the DLC too. Day 1 DLC is one of the worst things in the gaming industry right now and it needs to stop. I am always put off a game when i see this because the first thing that pops into my head is that they have chopped parts of the game up and have decided to release it individually just to get a bit more money from us. It really hate it when game developers do this.

TomahawkX1415d ago

looks like Tapion crossed with Dabura lol

darksuperman481411d ago

actually a dbz game like that does exist.. it's an old game called dbz legends... i played it on on dreamcast i think... but it follows the story and you choose characters and it rates you on how close you got to the actual story line of dragon ball... ie... picking yamecha,krillin,picollo and such and have them lose in the battle with the cell jrs. and beating cell with lvl 2 gohan