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"Techland’s latest title is by no means perfect, nor is it one of the best zombie games, but it’s solid enough to warrant a playthrough. Even though its story will leave most players unsatisfied and its open-world design is questionable at best, its phenomenal side stories and often entertaining gameplay will prevent distaste. This isn’t the next The Last of Us, and its narrative comes nowhere close to Telltale’s The Walking Dead, but the framework is in place for a generally good time. If Techland had simply expanded upon some of the risks it took with Dying Light‘s side missions, this could have been a truly special experience. In fact, those side missions are the single biggest reason to sink your chompers into this open-world adventure. Unfortunately, for every two steps forward, Dying Light takes a solid step back. Still, if you’re looking for the game that Dead Island was supposed to be, you could certainly do a lot worse."

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