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"Advanced Warfare may be the boldest-looking COD in years, with its Kevin Spacey-fuelled sci-fi gadgetry and game-changing player movement, but it seems like Sledgehammer and Activision aren't prepared to completely abandon the successes of the past.

Havoc, the first DLC pack for Advanced Warfare, introduces four multiplayer maps and the return of perennial favourite, Zombies, sluggishly rebranded here as Exo Zombies. The wave-based survival mode has become synonymous with the series, despite only appearing in Treyarch's games (World At War and both the Black Ops). This is the first time another studio has turned its disembodied hand to the world of the COD undead, and it's a thoroughly decent first attempt."

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RG_Dubz1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Other then the main character models the graphics still look like trash.. Just look at the PS2'ish looking cemetery scene in the single player.

I think most casuals were tricked by the character models into thinking this game looks so much better when in reality it doesn't, just the main character models look better.