Dying Light - Where to find 9mm Pistol

There are two ways to get a 9mm pistol. The easiest is to pick it up from the cottage in the bottom right corner of the slums. The pistol always spawns here and you can get it right after the game starts or at any other time you see fit.
The second way is to lockpick police vans. They can be found on highways.

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Bansai1391d ago

I found it yesterday and did the exact same video :f

The7Reaper1391d ago

You deserve more recognition from it then this guy's vid since you uploaded first but I guess that's the 'not-known YouTuber life' right? lol

RjK311jR1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

got the pistol really early too. I stopped running around in the slums and found it, so I had pistol, saw man and gave him it... lol, easy mission.

P.S. millions of peeps share similar videos. Add a watermark if you think it was your vid1