Gears of War 2: Sudden Death Gameplay

Find new and interesting ways to assassinate your enemy.

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Mr PS33695d ago

Sudden Death Gameplay
So when a fellow Bot pwns another bot with a headshot
His 360 suddenly Dies
How cool is that

Omega43695d ago

Once this game is released every PS3 game will be totally overshadowed, Gears 1 did it with the release of the actual PS3 console and Gear 2 will do the same for Resistance, Home, LBP etc (since they will likely be delayed till Nov LOL!!!!!)

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JokesOnYou3695d ago

Gears2 is a monster, but don't expect the sdf members on this site to have anything good to say about it, envy can cause alot of negative emotions.


Yoma3695d ago

Gears of war 2 looks good, but not much better than the first one.

And just a question for those who disagree with "MGS4 looks better", why do you think gears of war 2 looks better?

Anyway, I enjoyed the first one. For one day. Then I was bored.

This wasn't any fanboy comment, it was my own opinion.
Disagree if you like to, fanboy.

truth for gamers3695d ago

why was the video removed from gametrailers??? I bet N4G had something to do with this.

Spike473695d ago

actually Sony has games that look just as good as Gears of War 2 and unreleased games that look extremely better than Gears of war 2.

I'm not saying Gears of war 2 sucks. Actually i think it's gonna be strong GOTY contender and it's gonna be a huge sucess just like the first. The gameplay is truly incredible.

Colorless? I think you need to do some research and look at the videos of Killzone 2 where the setting takes place in daytime.

beavis4play3695d ago

but you should do your research and watch the new KZ trailer released on psn. colorless it is not.

anyway; if they add more story to drive the campaign, gears 2 is looking good.

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The story is too old to be commented.