EALA Admits 'Chronic Issue' with PC Game Support, Forms Dedicated Patch Team

Command & Conquer 3 developer EA Los Angeles has admitted that it has had a "chronic issue [with product support] for more than four years," and is forming a dedicated support team to try and address the issue.

Stemming from "I am not as proud of our record in supporting our games after launch. In fact, I'm downright unhappy with that aspect of our business," EALA general manager Mike Verdu wrote on the official C&C site. The admission stemmed from a long-delayed patch for the PC edition of the C&C3 expansion pack Kane's Wrath.

Verdu noted that EALA tends to release a "limited number of patches for our products and in many cases those patches take longer than they should," attributing the issues to 'tension between developing new products and supporting our older products.'"

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JsonHenry3661d ago

The problem does not only exist with the PC games.. Orange Box PS3 anyone?

M337ING3661d ago

The only problem with that is that people on the PC actually buy Command and Conquer games, while PS3 sales of Orange Box were relatively small.