New Fire Emblem 3DS Title Set For Battle in Japan This Summer, Mario Maker Back to '2015' Worldwide

"To start with the 'New Fire Emblem Game' - yet to be formally named but announced in the first Nintendo Direct broadcasts of this year - has been listed as a Summer 2015 release in Japan. Nintendo's still playing safe in terms of the time needed to localise and release the Intelligent Systems game in the West, however, as it's listed as 'TBD' for Europe and North America; a previous newsletter issued in Australia - which was then corrected - suggested a 2015 release was possible outside of Japan. We'll see, but it's clear that development of the title is relatively far along for it to have a Summer window in Nintendo's homeland."

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yuukiliu1182d ago

Can't wait for this summer. Awakening was an amazing game.