Soul Calibur IV: More New Character Announced

Another character have been announced for the upcoming Soul Calibur IV for PS3 and 360. This is another character created by a guest designer. This time from an anime character creator/director Hirokazu Hisayuki, famous for his works in "Mai-HiME/My-OtoHiME" projects and "Future GPX Cyber Formula" projects.

The new character's name is "Kamikirimusi", and she is a living survivor of the Japanese Demon race. How her story is tied to the Soul Calibur world and whether she will appear in the story mode is still unknown.

Above information are taken and translated from the Japanese magazine scan.

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LiquifiedArt3692d ago

Looks really great. My only problem with the Soul Cal games is I feel they are concetrating on Female characters rather then Male. I think everyone would agree we need more badass male leads.

~my 2 cents

joemayo763692d ago

couldn't agree with you more, but still a solid fighter.

Just hope the "jiggling" isn't too over the top, or it might look like ur fighting in zero-gravity

ShinFuYux3692d ago

Once you get into a fight, small little details are over looked.

iamtehpwn3692d ago

"More new character"
Shouldn't characters be plural? =P

Sorry, I'm being a grammar Nazi.

Nitrowolf23692d ago

so how many character are there

Rusted3692d ago

hot damn, this game looks real packed up. Kudos for Namco-Bandai team. Never disappoints.

housegroove763692d ago

good god I wonder what the final character count is going to be?!! I know the character creator is in it so its technically unlimited, but Im talking official characters.

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The story is too old to be commented.