Just my 2 cents: Platform Exclusivity

Personal perspective about some aspects of gaming, the industry and its players.

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SaveFerris1413d ago

Interesting article. Console gaming is a big business. Sony and MS compete against each other to get gamers to buy their consoles, and securing a major third-party exclusive can help sway fans of that game towards buying a PS4 or Xbox One.
But honestly, I doubt many people would buy a console for one game? You buy a console for the library of games (or potential games), for the multi-platform titles, and especially for the first-party games.

Septic1413d ago

It might have been the case in the past where people bought a console for one or two games but now, with consoles feeling more like an investment with loads of supplementary fees such as paying to play online etc, it'll be more of a case of what you said, buying consoles for their library of games as opposed to just one or two titles (minus some truly hardcore fans)

iavais1413d ago

Yeah i agree, They are just dividing the gaming community. I personally have no preference. I go where the games take me but i cant spend on two consoles even though i can afford them.

Spotie1413d ago

First world problems.

The gaming community has ALWAYS been divided, at least as long as consoles have been around. Sucks for you if you can't get all consoles, but that's nobody's problem but your own, frankly.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Third party exclusives usually aren't system sellers. It just depends on what type of game it is. A game like Call Of Duty, would be a system seller simply because that type of game has mass appeal, but securing an exclusivity deal for a franchise like COD would cost almost a billion dollars. Other games, like Tomb Raider, may sell a few consoles, but it won't result in massive sales numbers. Street Fighter V is another big "IF." Street Fighter does have a large following, but Xbox One owners who have a PC will probably not buy a PS4 and most won't any way, not for one iteration of a franchise. It all comes down to the game and if people really want to play it. Tomb Raider? Not really. SFV? Maybe, possibly. But I have never considered buying a console because of a 3rd party exclusive and I don't think most people do either.

First party exclusives are another story all together and they definitely sell systems.

ScorpiusX1413d ago

Stopped reading at the comparison between a 3rd party exclusive and a first party exclusive. Clear that not a very informed individual about who owns what .

Pogmathoin1413d ago

There are games like Halo/ Gears or Uncharted/GT, then the Mario/Zelda..... they are iconic, will sell a console, but other games were deals are made, people will not go crazy for it....