Quantic Dream Gets New Website; Releases New Video on PS4 Tech Demo The Dark Sorcerer and Much More

Quantic Dream just opened a brand new website, and its full of content that fans of the french studio won’t want to miss, on top of a completely revamped look.

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MasterCornholio1415d ago

Loved the demo. Hopefully it turn into a final product.

DarkOcelet1415d ago

This and Kara demo deserves a full game but i really loved the humor in this demo too. It was well done.

aCasualGamer1415d ago

Can't believe they didn't capitalize on that Kara demo.

What a work of art.

Imagine a full fledged game with PS4 hardware.

llMurcielagoll1415d ago

Agreed, it was a hilarious tech demo. I'd love to see this become a final product and contains a strong sense of humor which I find in very few games these days.

nX1415d ago

Yeah, that's some quality stuff, can't wait to see ehat they've been working on since Beyond:Two Souls.

1415d ago
WitWolfy1415d ago

Will prob only see something from them mid 2016 if we're lucky...

mayberry1415d ago

Impressive to say the least!

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