GameSpy: Game of the Month: June 2008

GameSpy: "The coming of summer brought with it a surprising wealth of excellent games, and we awarded no less than six Editors' Choice awards throughout the month of June. The games in question were diverse as well as numerous. Solid Snake sneaked his final mission. A revamped version of the 30 years-old Space Invaders surprised on the portables. Ryu Hayabusa slashed up a new army of demons. Sony's cute virtual golfers teed off once more. And then there were Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Battlefield: Bad Company. Yet there are only three Game of the Month awards to go around. Our choices? Read on."

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Will-UK3662d ago

Game of the Month,thats good but i want to see the game of the year

Mr PS33662d ago

Not gonna read this no need to
All i can say is
MGS4 in not only game of the month it the game of the Decade !!!

Rhezin3662d ago

not even the game of the week. MGS4 BL0WS

Mr PS33662d ago

MGS4 Blows
It Blows anything the 360 has clean out the water
Now Be Gone Thy Silly Little Bot

Nitrowolf23662d ago

pretty obviouse MGS4 would win month of june
they might as well keep it the game of every month
best dam game i ever played