NVIDIA Is Working On A New Driver Update For GTX970, AMD Mocks NVIDIA's False Advertising

After this whole controversy surrounding NVIDIA’s GTX970 VRAM issues, AMD released an image in which it makes fun of it. As we can see, AMD’s image claims that the VRAM of its Radeon R9 290 graphics cards is exactly what is advertised.

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Wizard_King1413d ago

AMD can mock nVidia all they like. But it doesn't mean anything when they still can't make a GPU that doesn't draw twice as much power as an nVidia card, or make a card that rivals nVidias top end performance without the card being so noisy it is unusable.

AMD make cheap crap and that's that. I'd rather pay the bit extra for a cooler, quieter, faster GPU that costs half as much to run and has much better drivers with less delays.

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awi59511413d ago

My amd cards run games great and dont butt rape me on prices. Amd gpu's are great they just need to make cpu's with better single core performance thats all. GPU wize amd is killing it i can buy 2 cards for the price of Nividias stuff and will destroy their cards in benchmarks as well. You can get 2 290x cards and beat a titan for half the price. Or get a R9 295 and destroy the titans as well for hundreds of dollars less.

BC_Master_Haze1413d ago

how do the 295's stack up against 970's? Wouldnt 970s in SLI be equal or greater for less price? GPU Boss says so but I'm skeptical, not trying to start anything just asking a question as most reviews of the 970 I've seen are saying its the best "bang for buck" card.

Death1413d ago

I would opt for the single card over over a pair of cards any day of the week. Typically you will have less heat, less power requirements, and less software issues for games that aren't too thrilled with an SLI or Crossfire configuration. I don't think there is anything cooler looking in your rigs case then a pair of GPU's, but they are less than ideal when it comes to consistent performance and air flow.

ABizzel11413d ago

Difference is the 960, 970, and 980 came out after the R9 series, so it's ignorant to even make a claim, "they still can't make a GPU that doesn't draw twice as much power as an nVidia card". Especially considering the 780's were right up there with the 290's.

How ignorant and forgetful some people are. Both GPU makers eclipse one another all the time.

The 290x was better than the 780. The 780 Ti eclipsed the 290x (higher resolutions the 290x has caught back up). The 980 eclipsed the 290x again. And the 390x will do the same, until NVIDIA's next card comes out. And it's stupid to think otherwise.

"AMD makes cheap cards", which is great for gamers who have a budget they have to stay in, because they have real world responsibilities, and unlike NVIDIA AMD is much better at adjusting the price of their GPUs, where NVIDIA will still try to sell a weaker GPU at a higher price.

"I'd rather pay the bit extra for a cooler, quieter, faster GPU that costs half as much to run and has much better drivers with less delays."

The only part I agree with you, except the fact that this is the first time in a long time where NVIDIA has had their flagship GPU running at significantly lower TPD, so stop trying to make it seems like running at half the power is a constant trend of NVIDIA GPUs vs AMD's.

starchild1413d ago

Well, I've used cards from both companies and I have nothing against either of them, but I have to say that I haven't had any issue with my GTX 970. It is a fantastic card that runs everything I throw at it extremely well. Paired with my gsync monitor I'm not worried about playing anything for the rest of this generation.

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DevilOgreFish1413d ago

I like both companies but I think nvidia should quit ridiculing AMD and trying to coin PC gaming and ads, it looks like some of their criticisms are coming back.

I remember buying hardware from them years ago which had issues too. In 2007 I paid $2,500 on a gaming laptop that had the infamous 860 GS. Still have it with me.

At the time bestbuy was running an ad campaign using nvidia's gpu based motherboards on laptops. The ad was for HD gaming, and said it would be good for gaming for the estimate of 5 years. Among other issues with the GPU, it had an inefficient amount of solder used on the gpu. When it would get hot in tempature it would loosen from the motherboard, making the hardware good for one year.

According to tech support they could neither refund or exchange the laptop. They couldn't exchange the hardware because it was quickly discontinued and they couldn't provided hardware of equal value. The only thing tech could do is repair it with the acception that furture issues will arise because of its design flaws.

I've been gaming on amd for a few years and some of my old amd parts are still good.

Father__Merrin1413d ago

is there any reason nvidia draws less power? I'm looking at an R9 270x but the equivalent nvidia card has much less power draw why is this

Maxor1413d ago

Better tech and smaller die size. The Maxwell series are basically passive cooled unless it's under load.

Ark_1413d ago

Which is the equivalent?

awi59511413d ago

I would get a 290 they are $275 now and are cheaper than the 970 by 80 dollars.

airshiraz1413d ago

i love nvidia features like dsr or hbao+ or soft shadows and.... dont u?

mixelon1413d ago

Are there many games that the extra 512ish MB actually makes a difference on?

A bit silly them throwing stones at the 970, it's an incredible card regardless.

LightofDarkness1413d ago

@mixelon: not really, and it's difficult to create conditions under which that last 512MB is taxed before you run into other limitations. None of the benchmarks or reviews are false, the 970 is still an incredible performer for the price. This is a storm in a teacup. Nvidia were silly to let this slide for so long, but I have nothing but praise for them for the two 970s sitting in my PC. I had a 290x for about a week and sent it back to wait for these boys, and I'm certainly pleased with my choice.

airshiraz1413d ago

yes at 4k its so important like assassins unity in 4k or middle earth

mixelon1413d ago

Nobody should be trying to play 4k on a 970, surely? That's not what most people buy them for.

LightofDarkness1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Regardless of this info, it's obvious that the 256-bit memory bus held the 970 back at resolutions beyond 1440p. At 4k, you're better off with a 290x Crossfire solution at that price point, that and the 780/780ti in SLI perform better at 4k than 970s.

SuperBlur1413d ago

It's just the amd fanboys that actually make it out to be a big deal. If you're playing at 4k , you might as well ditch the extra cash for 1 or 2 gtx 980 or a titan. the 970 is a good card to run everything at 1080p max settings for the next 3-4 years.

Crazay1413d ago

I didn't hear of any nVidia memory issue. I've got a 290 Radeon and it's been a pretty sweet card for my purposes.

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