Nintendo release schedule, million sellers list (1/28/15)

NE: "Thanks to supplementary financial results information issued by Nintendo, we now have a fresh release schedule and million sellers list from the company."

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maxleresistant1177d ago

WiiU is doing worst than the Gamecube, the N64 or any other Nintendo console ever made.
Well that's not true, actually the WiiU is doing way better than the Virtual Boy. Hurray...

Also it has the worst third party support of all Nintendo consoles. Of course first party is great, but I wouldn't mind buying more games like ZombiU or Rayman Legends.

Benjaminkno1177d ago

Worse console, yet has already made more money than the Ps3/360 did in their entire life-span.

They're still the best game developers too.

ZombiU was not very good. It had some pretty cool stuff, but the game wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Third party games are also overrated.