Create Your Own Retrogaming Hand Held Device

Carl Williams writes, "Who reading this has ever wanted to create their very own, personalized, gaming device? Depending on how much help you are willing to accept, it can happen right now. Well, not right now as in this second but seriously close since there are supplies to gather and a bit of dedication involved. The end result can be your very own retrogaming hand held device, personalized as you see fit."

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MultiConsoleGamer1269d ago

There are a ton of great Raspberry Pi consoles and portables. That device has started a homebrew hardware revolution. I'm currently working on my own mini arcade.

triverse1269d ago

I am just now discovering these little things. Rather interesting how they are coming about.

Magnus1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I like how Angry Video Game Nerd has NES is made out of an old toaster.