Cliff B Talks Gears Of War 2 Multiplayer On X-Play

X-Play's Adam Sessler sat down with Gears of War mastermind Cliff Bleszinski and got him to talk about the highly anticipated sequel, coming out in November. In particular, Bleszinski discusses the new multiplayer features that gamers will be able to take advantage of in Gears of War 2. The segment will appear on X-Play tonight! If you can't wait, check out the video below for all the details.

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DarkSniper3661d ago

Clifford Blezenski is nothing more than an industry wannabe who dreams of creating epic games (pun very much intended) like Hideo Kojima and David Jaffe. The truth is that neither him or his games will leave a mark in the gaming industry.


JokesOnYou3661d ago

"The segment will appear on X-Play tonight!"

I'm wondering how much they will show at E3, I hope they don't spoil all the surprises before the game launches, but watching more gameplay is always nice.