“Nintendo Creators Program” launches for YouTube, currently in beta

Nintendo has just announced the "Nintendo Creators Program", a new opportunity for fans on YouTube to earn revenue.

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MultiConsoleGamer1388d ago

This is a great idea. It's nice to see them rewarding their most loyal fans for producing great Nintendo related content.

GokuSolosAll1388d ago

Maybe I got things wrong but didn't they stop creators from getting money? Now they just want to cintrol the situation? Seems messed up.

EmployedGamer1388d ago

This is simply a way for them to strong arm user reviews that would hit YouTube and be unfavorable.

Besides, Smash Brothers, and Mario Party aren't on the list. In order for the YouTube hit counter to go up, more new release games, and future games should be on that list to get people to sign up for it.

When all is said and done, at least the have an avenue for YouTubers to take now that wish to display their IPs.

TheOpenWorlder1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

why is it messed up? lets players only comment on their game...the developersi deserve proceeds. get real. you dont see me commenting on a doctors surgery and making money do you?

1388d ago
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