Grim Fandango Environment Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

Artist ‘Guillermo Moreno‘ has released a number of screenshots from an Unreal Engine 4 map based on Grim Fandango.

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Bloodjunkie1295d ago

For this i would shurely pay 20€! Not for poorly remastered version like the version released a few days ago

joab7771295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

It's still pretty damn good. We can always make games look better but I'm happy being able to play an amazing game again on the PS4.

No complaints here. Though I will admit it's pretty nice lol!

Malice-Flare1294d ago

you want a remake. that costs $60. this is a remaster and only $15...

1295d ago
Malice-Flare1295d ago

yes, that's all these people can do: re-create. not create, they lack the talent for that...

Sketchy_Galore1295d ago

I really hope, making a comment like that, you've created a bunch of cool environments in Unreal 4 yourself.

Malice-Flare1295d ago

i don't need to be one to be able to see that these are only made to say: "see? i can do better than them"... at copying stuff...

UKmilitia1295d ago

exactly,i dont see the point in doing what they done.

MilkMan1295d ago

Gotta agree, this remake is rubbish. I bought cause I love Grim, but Double Fine fuqed this up BIG TIME!

phoenixwake1295d ago

...directed by J.J. Abrams.

But seriously, this looks slick as hell.