OXM UK: Call of Duty: World at War Preview

OXM UK writes: "This is a scarier Call of Duty than we've ever seen," announces the head of Treyarch, Mark Lamir. "The direction for the team was to make the best game they could, and as they were doing this they created a grittiness that quite frankly made some people very uncomfortable."

The developer behind Call of Duty 3 intends to explore some of the darkest corners of WWII with the fifth game in the series. According to creative lead Rich Farrelly, taking the series to the terrifying battle for the Pacific gives the game more in common with the survival horror genre than traditional war movie influences."

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jamilion3664d ago

cant hurt considering that they are going back to WW2

Lucas223664d ago

if the ps3 version is the same as the xbox 360 version im buying this. Does anybody know when its suppose to come out?

kosha3664d ago

Suppose to be coming out this fall i think.

WINZLOW3664d ago

the recent store update towards the psn added one of many videos, games, and demos. one video that caught my attention was this game. the polished video at 720p displayed a world at war trailer and i want to say something about that.

even though modern weapons are preferred over WW2 weapons, this games graphics are not looking so bad after all. Can anyone elaborate on if world at war will be using the same game engine of modern warfare???

i might just buy it, it doesnt look so bad.

after all, im a realistic shooter whore...

kosha3664d ago

Yeah it will be using the same engine and yes the graphics are looking quite good. It might not be to the same quality of cod4 but still looks like a solid game.

beavis4play3664d ago

the shot of berlin looked great. i wasn't planning on getting this but i'm going to give it a hard look now. if they do bring out the ferocity of the fighting that took place in berlin; this will be a must have war game.