Sony and Microsoft will talk about PS4 GPU Optimization, Morpheus, DirectX 12, Cloud & More at GDC

Sony and Microsoft are bringing the big guns to bear at the upcoming Game Developer's Conference, with a veritable slew of sponsored panels talking about some of the most interesting tech on PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and even mobile.

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stuna11242d ago

This is about to turn into a slugfest! I'm excited for news on both fronts.

xfiles20991242d ago

I have a Smart Tv I don't need DLNA

spoonard1241d ago

Other than the games the pa4 streams to my Vita and Xperia Z3, I don't feel a need to stream via DLNA. So if it happens then great for everyone who wants it, if not then no biggie.

Andofaus1242d ago

Yeah completely agree, this will be a fantastic GDC for tech news. I'm really looking forward to that "Advanced DX12 graphics and performance" session though. I can't wait to know exactly how DX12 will impact X1. I just hope they make it all public.

lifeisgamesok1242d ago

And the Better power, Better performance: Your game on DirectX12 panel

XanderZane1241d ago

Me too. These 3 sessions.

"Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and Performance "
"Better Power, Better Performance: Your Game on DirectX12"
"DirectX 12: A New Meaning for Efficiency and Performance"

This tell the tale of what DX12 is really capable of. It will be interesting to see what developers have to say after these sessions are over. Fun times are coming.

Exari1241d ago

i laughed when i first read "Sony and Microsoft will talk about PS4 GPU Optimization"

MasterCornholio1242d ago

Good. There are a ton of questions left unanswered.

reallyNow1242d ago

like why in god's name would you use DDR3 instead of graphics ram for graphics? Answer: it was cheaper to get 8gb of it.

see? even the stupid questions are already answered.

fullmetal2971242d ago

Or like why on Earth would you disable DLNA when it takes no effort to make a patch for one? Answer: Because Sony wants to promote their monthly "Unlimited" subscription service by forcing out the competition.

See? Yet another stupid question answered.

remixx1161242d ago

Yup but soon Spotify will be available and MU will be gone, so Sony fixed one problem.

Andofaus1242d ago

Or like why would you a build a next gen console with ram that's designed specifically for graphics and not much else. Or why put a big GPU in you system being fed by a week CPU with both scenarios causing bottlenecks.

cyber_daemonx1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

@Andofaus, maybe PS4 does have a relatively weak CPU, but xbone is just weak full stop. DDR3 ram is so last gen lol.

Sony gimped on the CPU , MS gimped on the whole console.

LordDhampire1241d ago

Damn I actually like MU, its very lightweight on cellphones and the webbrowser version for pc is very snazzy. Has a very nice interface.

Dun like spotify guess ill have no choice

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christocolus1242d ago

Seems Sony and Ms have a lot to talk about..also just noticed that Phil Spencer will be giving a talk. Nice. hopefully lionhead and turn 10 shed more light on windows 10/ dx12 development,would really like to see a demo of a game running on the new api.

n4gamingm1242d ago

Cool I wanna see more dx12 in general. I hope they go into detail about tiled resources

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