The Best Booties in Gaming

CheatCC says - "These are the best of the best of the booties in video games. They are the titans of twerky-parts. They bring the low end to everything they do and they do it oh so well. I mean really, we all know that watching a well-rendered, badass lady kicking in someone’s teeth is a far more enjoyable romp than watching a dude do it. Ladies seem to do it with far more elegance, and often far less clothing. So if you’ve gotten this far you obviously want to see more, and far be it from us to deny you. Without further ado, here they are. Our parade of beauties with amaza-zing booties. We give you… the ten best bottoms in video games so far."

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joab7771177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

The best one is the one that's willing to stay with you even though you spend all your time gaming lol!

guitarded771177d ago

And then Miranda Lawson after that :D

Unreal011177d ago

^ Isn't Ellie well young? I swear she is about 12.

cleft51177d ago

Hey now, Old Snake from MGS4 had ass for days. So many wonderful crawling scenes. The wonders of muscle suit technology.

guitarded771177d ago

My sister-in-law saw me playing Mass Effect 2 and said "Nice ass" when she saw Commander Shepard.

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lipton1011177d ago

Yeah. Miranda Lawson by far. And bubbles, your comment gave me a legit lol

saywat2471177d ago

you guys do know that yvonne strahovski plays miranda and they look exactly the same !

insomnium21177d ago

Holy shite so she does. Beautiful!

Septic1177d ago

Miranda Lawson.....drrooools n_n

dafegamer1177d ago

how about Jill Valentine from Res. series

Septic1177d ago

She had a lovely posterior too although her outfit didn't flaunt it as well as Mirandas.

Miranda's future Cerberus outfit was designed to enhance her sexuality by drawing attention to the curvature of her gluteus maximus. Upon detailed observation, I have arrived at the conclusion that taking into account Ms. Lawson's overall package, in particular the part her referred to the author as the 'booty', Ms. Lawson does in fact, possess the best ASSet in the virtual realm.

guitarded771177d ago

Miranda Lawson was genetically engineered to have the perfect ass.

DOMination-1177d ago

All the humanoid females in mass effect use the same model. Miranda is no different than Tali, Liara or any other human...

lipton1011177d ago

Yes, but upon reconsideration, the chick from bayoneta was all around smokin. The hourglass shape and perfect ass is what got me. My fiancé experienced some pretty intense encounters the nights after I played that game lol

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hiredhelp1177d ago

Dr martins Catpilla ... Oh thoes Booties!

MasterCornholio1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

I like big butts and I can not like. That Chloe's ass is mine.


LackTrue4K1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

It's "lie" not "like"


Ps. My type of article! In my eyes bayoneta is ugggggly!!

MasterCornholio1177d ago

Dang stupid autocorrect.


Immorals1177d ago

Is your autocorrect taken from the Bible? You shalt not write lie!

telekineticmantis1177d ago

I'm gonna start reporting these types of articles...

Allsystemgamer1177d ago

Yea I don't get why people are attracted to them...

Spotie1177d ago

Because they are. Why are you attracted to whatever you're attracted to?

swice1177d ago

Pretty sure allsystemgamer was being sarcastic. And funny I might add

snookiegamer1177d ago

I agree ...Kinda pathetic! ;/

BlackWolf121177d ago

Agreed, how do you actually report something on this site?

telekineticmantis1177d ago

I clicked on the 2 gears imposed on the thumbnail type picture gives me an option to report.

Scatpants1177d ago

Yeah, what would Jesus think?

telekineticmantis1177d ago

Before he cuts your neck ask him.

Scatpants1177d ago

He's going to cut my neck for liking video game butts? I always knew he was an asshole.

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