TPCG review: Pro Cycling Manager 2008

As far as ideas for games go, the prospect of a cycling management sim doesn't exactly strike TPCG as being the most fantastic idea for a game. If a load of games developers got together, wrote ideas for games on the side of straws, and then drew them to decide who made which game, this would probably be the shortest one, right after Anne Widdecombe Fashion Designer, and Pro Olympic Snail Racing Simulator 2008.

But apparently, developers Cyanide Studio have taken an iffy idea, and ran with it, as this is the fourth year running they've released an instalment. Pro Cycling Manager 2008 brings with it the usual set of additions, refinements and general improvements that are normally associated with yearly updates - there's a new AI system for a start, and there's also a whole host of behind-the-scenes refinements to make the management aspects run more smoothly.

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