Gigantic Hands-On Preview – Big Combat, Big Personality | The Koalition

Indie developer Motiga took the big stage at the 1st annual PAX South and brought its big game along. Gigantic is a PC only PvP arena combat title and it's a ton of fun.

While only in Alpha stage, Gigantic is well polished, is a great new entry to the PvP fold, and is some of the most fun you'll have in gaming this year.

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MoreGravyPleez1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Gigantic looks fun! Reminds me a little of when I tried Nosgoth on PC, but this looks fun and the art style is pretty sweet!

Profexxion1391d ago

Nosgoth had grabbed my attention also! These types of titles are a blast to play.

Romudeth1390d ago

Nosgoth wasn't that good tbh but this looks a lot better than that.

rbailey1390d ago

Nosgoth was the one game Square Enix begged people to see at E3. For that reason and that reason alone that game genuinely seems like a disappointment lol

Romudeth1391d ago

I love the art style of this!

rbailey1390d ago

Now that I know this game is a PC exclusive, I'm definitely must admit that I'm hoping it eventually comes to consoles lol i'm not against buying a gaming PC of course but it would make things so much easier if it just comes to PS4 and Xbox One lol

Profexxion1390d ago

Honestly, it wouldn't translate to consoles well with the controllers. This is strongest with mouse and keyboard.

Are_The_MaDNess1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

controllers would be fine TBH, been playing the game for weeks now every Wednesday in the alpha tests.
controller support is there and i cant see people having issues with using one unless they are sniping or maybe using a ranged character against a speed based character.

yes the mouse is better in every way and that the way i would use it too. but i dont think console players should have much issues if they just added light auto aim. even heroes like Mozo (the flying wizard cat) got auto attacks that follow the enemy and is basically auto aim in itself (really love this hero tho because he is OP with it XD)

all in all, the combat feels alot like Smite with more movement and speed. in works fine with a controller, tho better with a mouse for the aim.

Fonzy1390d ago

Looks like a very interesting game! I wonder what else it has to offer?!